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Review on Virtuse Exchange by Killer Bean

Exchange with Virtue but please work on your Interface!!!

Virtuse exchange is an unpopular cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2019. This exchange is from Singapore, one of the homes to the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges globally. The exchange provided an able trading ground for multiple cryptocurrencies though limited like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and a few others numbering up to 11 and presently offers about 26 trading pairs. The interface is intuitive and can be very frustrating at times, sometimes while trying to navigate through, the website gets stick until i wait for a while before it responds. This exchange might offer some features which may be enticing to traders but the interface didnt make me trade long on the exchange. For security purposes, Users funds and data is stored in remote servers to prevent theft and even ensures that users funds are tightly stored in cold storage unit (offline). The trading fee is quite inline with what most exchanges charge, only 0.15% fees are charged on trading. I haven't quite evaluated the withdrawal fees but i believe it is also going to be reasonable like the trading fees. This exchange is very good to trade on but the interface made me stay away!!!

Pros & cons

  • The exchange has nice and attractive fees
  • The liquidity is just a little above average
  • Registration is easy
  • Àll forms of deposit are allowed here, cryptocurrencies and credit cards
  • If the exchange can work on its interface it will be very nice, as the interface happens to be the only problem i have