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The way $XYM SYMBOL has grown in such a short time. Supported by major Exchanges, even listed on Ledger hardware wallet. NEM is doing this marketing thing well and that's a green flag in my opinion. Symbol is going to be the blockchain of business enterprises, enabling seamless transfer of value andVoir la critique complète

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NEM is its own blockchain which i commend. Its not easy to stand out if a project isnt ERC20. NEM has the ticker "XEM". My favourite feature of NEM is its decentralization, its highly community driven, and the blockhain has low fees for easy transacions. Though NEM has been somewhat dormant, not untVoir la critique complète

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Emirex is a pretty good multicryptocurrency Exchange. I like the simple user interface that makes navigating around the Exchange easy. What i don't like though, is that the Exchange seems to be against anonymous users using the exchange as it is highly limited until KYC is verified. Users cannot depVoir la critique complète

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HBTC has an easy to navigate user interface that makes it easy to buy crypto, spot trade and also one of my favorite features, Margin trading. At first glance using a desktop computer feature is clearly displayed on the screen which creates a seamless experience. The Exchange also offers OTC tradingVoir la critique complète

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PoloniDEX is a decentralized platform, mainly for exchanging Tron based cryptocurrencies. The platform can be accessed through Tron dedictaed wallets like Tronlink and offers a seamless trading Experience. It has a really easy user interface, that even new users will understand and appreciate. The DVoir la critique complète

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Cake wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for Monero $XMR. Here only the user can access funds on the wallet. Setup is simple and can be completed in under a minute. All that is required for creating a wallet on Cake is a secure pin and making sure you backup your recovery phrase. One of Voir la critique complète

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As mentioned in the pro section, xDai is a Layer 2 project built on Ethereum. Its fast transaction speed (5 seconds) and low transaction cost makes it almost perfect for running highly demanding Dapps (Decentralized apps). Though it has its competitors. The token is available on Ethereum, thus is anVoir la critique complète

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Pakcoin E-walllet is a web wallet that supports only Pakcoin. The wallet has a very simple simple user interface with limited features, with sending and receiving Pakcoin as its main feature. Signing up on the wallet is straight forward, all that's required is a username, Email and password. ThoughVoir la critique complète

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Adaigi is a web based wallet. The wallet has simple UI but not the most beautiful in my opinion. The major use for this wallet is for holding/managing Pakcoin $PAK and for instant conversion to fiat through popular payment methods like Perfect Money. Overall I am not a fan of web wallet, and its a bVoir la critique complète

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Pakcoin $PAK is a proof-of-stake project, built on its own blockchain. Some of $PAK main features include quick transactions, low transaction cost and Staking (most of the recent transactions on the Pakcoin Blockchain Explorer are from staking operations). At the time of writing this review its pricVoir la critique complète

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MintCoin $Mint is its own blockchain. With $mint users are able to send funds anywhere in the world and at low transaction cost. Though with 30 seconds blocktime as seen on Coingeko, $Mint maybe a ble to send your funds quickly but is still a bit slow compared to other top blockchain projects. At thVoir la critique complète

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ETG Finance $ETGF is a DeFi focused Erc20 token built on Ethereum. Its the utility token powering the ETG Finance ecosystem. At the time of writing this review, its price is hovering around $3.32 according to CoinmarketCap, with Uniswap decentralized Exchange as its major trading market. The projectVoir la critique complète

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Nominex is User friendly.

Nominex Exchange is packed with a lot of exciting/useful features. The only other Exchange I know that has this much customer friendly products built in is Kucoin Exchange. I like how it alerts a user by email whenever their account is logged into, and also giving an option to contact support or immVoir la critique complète

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NXT $NXT is its own blockchain and runs on proof-of-stake (POS) consensus. Users enjoy relatively fast and cheap transaction costs (<$0.1). While the average blocktime is good enough, it maybe considered as slow compared to other top projects. The blockchain is more than a public ledger, If you are Voir la critique complète

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Ignis $IGNIS apparently is a child chain of the Ardor parent blockchain. Ignis is the main child chain of the parent Ardor chain, which also gives it all the properties of the parent chain like its privacy, quick and cheap transactions. At the point of writing this review, its is trading on about 15Voir la critique complète

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Ardor is its own blockchian. At the time of writing this review its price is hovering around $0.04 accprding to CoinMarketCap. Holders can send and receive $ARDR in less than 60 seconds, which is great for daily transactions. The project has recent transactions on its explorer and is active on sociaVoir la critique complète

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Multi-cryptocurrency wallet supports multiple coins. The wallet gives users the freedom tp send and receive multiple coins, Exchange and buy over 3 different coins directly with your bank card. One of the best features of this wallet is its simple but powerful real time crypto charts and Users of thVoir la critique complète

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Electron Cash wallet is a Bitcoin cash $BCH wallet. The wallet is simply designed, with emphasis on utilizing all the benefits of the Bitcoin cash blockchain. Electron cash is available for Linux, Windows, OSX, IOS and Android, it's recently updated on all operating systems too which is a good sign.Voir la critique complète

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CoinBank wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for android and IOS mobile devices. Users can send and receive different coins and have a convenient option to scan QR codes instead of copying and pasting addresses. The wallet has a simple user interface, very easy to navigate at first try. Though sVoir la critique complète

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A Unique usecase.

Hyperion $HYN is an Ethereum token. At the point of writing this review its price is hovering around $0.1, with Hotbit Exchange and Bibox Exchange as its major trading markets. In the ending of August $HYN reached an ATH for the year 2020 of ~$1.06 Hyperion has a token swap going, which requires useVoir la critique complète

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I am a graphics artist. Working as a visual creator freelancer for various blockchains and startups.

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