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Genius Assets is a platform that prioritises completing its defined Roadmap despite a very impermanently steady market. With the IUX Token available for investors to boost their return via a staking programme as designed to take up higher Annual yield or APY. However, the Genius token holders can also use the Genius token elsewhere because purchasing the Genius token entitles holders to access both crypto and non-crypto programmes that increase their percentage return by allowing all or a portion of the token to be used for real estate, roads, artwork, and other projects. In addition, as long as the owner also purchases a Geniux Token, NFFTs can be invested in by either a complete ownership or a part. Finally, by the end of the fourth quarter, Genius Assets intends to sell its initial portion of the project supply in order to reduce market demand, improve investor profits, and increase its own acquisition of ownership. With the developers' immediate effect, the market will quickly growSee full review

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review of BitYard cryptocurrency exchange

The first thing that struck me about the exchange's website was the high loading speed despite its beautiful design. This is the first time I see Forex trading on a cryptocurrency exchange! Spot trading is provided in two forms of convert, which is a convenient method for amateurs and the usual method in exchange offices in bityard. Of course, the problem I can get to the spot section is that almost all pairs are done only with USDT and also the number of tradable currencies is not high. The futures section of BitYard exchange for forex is also possible, which is a great feature, and for crypto, the number of currencies that can be traded in the forex section is also suitable. The fees of this exchange are appropriate and in comparison with the facilities, it charges a reasonable percentage of traders.See full review

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The Roobee project is an investment project. This project has dedicated tokens on several popular networks. Roobee has a proprietary platform which I think is a good platform but there is still a lot of work to be done, as I do not think it is well defined for novice users. One of the advantages of the platform is that we can have assets from 6 networks and have a comprehensive view of the assets with the help of the platform. With the help of roobee, assets that are on several networks can also be transferred with the help of bridges.See full review

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The reputation of this exchange is high from previous years, I remember when it launched its own currency, kucoin shares, it became more trendy in the news than before. I am more interested in the earnings section of kucoin exchange than any other section because it offers us different types of investments. The high number of tokens that can be traded is another good reason for me to choose kucoin as a good cryptocurrency exchange. Offering a variety of trading methods such as spot and margin has also completed everything.See full review

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After the growth of Bitcoin in recent years, new exchanges for cryptocurrency transactions are constantly being established, most of which are under the supervision of large companies and have often made KYC necessary for users. In a way, these exchanges are confronting these actions and the decentralization and uncontrollability of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. But TON Swap is a completely decentralized exchange and to trade in it, you only need to connect to a decentralized wallet and do not even need an email address! This exchange is literally a Peer to Peer exchange because the production team has no role in the transactions and the transactions are done entirely between buyers and sellers in the blockchain network. This exchange has several tradable currencies. Trading in decentralized exchanges includes blockchain transaction fees, but free ton blockchain transaction fees are so low that these fees are not something that can cause heavy losses in trading. The connectionSee full review

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Suppose you are planning to invest in a Free TON project and you are currently retaining Ethereum tokens. Provide us to transfer them directly from ethereum wallet to TON blockchain! Do you know how much this will reduce wages? Especially since TON blockchain includes low fees. Currencies can also be converted through a dedicated ton swap exchange without the need for a third party to help complete the process! The connection to the ethereum wallet is done through WalletConnect, and if we do not have enough trust in the ton bridge system, we will not have to worry about this issue due to the connection through this communication bridge and also the need to confirm transactions through the mobile wallet. The system design is so comprehensible that people with the most basic blockchain knowledge can connect to it. For the ethereum wallet, all we have to do is scan the QR code for the walletconnect by the wallet, and for the TON wallet, it can be accessed directly by installing a browseSee full review

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One of the best features of the TON Crystal project is this special case. We see a lot of big projects that we have to keep in informal wallets or one of the wallets for other networks, which really reduces our sense of security. But the Free TON project addresses that concern. This wallet can be downloaded and installed from the official website of the project. Proportional volume of software or browser extension of this wallet brings ease of installation for the audience. The extension version is officially listed in google chrome extensions and does not cause installation difficulties from various sources. The speed of data analysis in this wallet is fantastic. Creating a wallet after installation will take less than 1 minute, which will include receiving the specific words to enter the wallet and confirming their registration. This wallet is also set to an internal password for more security after entering the wallet, which doubles the security of using this wallet. In addition See full review

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Fast and secure network In examining a blockchain network, the speed and security of transactions are among the most important features. That's why I consider The free ton to be one of the best blockchain networks. The average speed of building a new block in a Bitcoin blockchain is 10 minutes, while this time in the Free TON network is only 0.2 seconds. The fees of this network are many times less than the high fees of Bitcoin and even many widely used networks. It should not be overlooked that the currency is currently above 2000 and of course this can be good. Because when a good currency and project starts an upward movement, it will have limitations due to the size of the market cap and competition with other projects, but in this respect, this project has the potential to multiply its price. It is possible to trade this currency in important exchanges such as digifinex and several other famous exchanges, and this guarantees the investment of individuals. Because if an exchange See full review

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BHEX Decentralized Wallet is a wallet suitable for holding major currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dai, doge and generally popular currencies. Unlike many mobile wallets, this wallet only supports 11 currencies, including the most popular currencies. A high percentage of the currencies listed in this bag are Stable Coins. The HDEX section includes a decentralized exchange that can convert currencies in the wallet to another. Installation of this software is done easily through the app store and play store. To have a wallet, a 12-word password is provided to the user and it can be used to re-enter the wallet later.See full review

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This is my favorite project in cryptocurrencies

This cryptocurrency uses the Proof-Of-Stake (POS) algorithm to reach collective bargaining for transactions; therefore, its supply rate is fixed and, unlike bitcoin, it does not have any extraction process. Specifically, it is a flexible platform designed to build applications and financial services, and users can create new currencies in the system. Has been activated. Because Nxt has an unchanged initial public offering, no new coins are created for block rewards on the network. After having Nxt for about a day (1440 approvals), Nxt software starts to complete the block generation process and the user can potentially earn coins as long as the account is unlocked. Future versions of Nxt will include "Transparent Forging" as stated in the release statement; A feature that allows the software to predict which accounts will create future blocks. This feature speeds up transaction processing, as the account that creates the next block is known. The Nxt monetary system allows you to creaSee full review

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a wonderful project - ardor

Digital currency (ardor) is doing very important work on new ways to build infrastructure and blockchain security. If done correctly, the end result can be a solution that any business can implement. This does not require extensive technical expertise or ongoing maintenance. However, there are now several other development platforms that offer stiff competition for the ardor digital currency. If the team wants to stay off the curve, it does a lot of work. Finally, the next year or two marks probably the most critical time for the ardor digital currency. If the project can prove itself as a platform for sustainable development for several important projects, it may be a good long-term condition.See full review

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This store is called Crafted fishing rods, but the products offered in this store can not be attributed to suitable fishing products. This store has only one category for its products and does not have much variety of products. In this store, 3 hats, 1 hoodie and a T-shirt with the logo of this store are sold. What an online store that introduced its products in just a few words! This store has the possibility of sorting products in the shop section, which due to the very small number of products, this issue did not need to be done in this store at all. It is possible to contact the store through the phone number and contact form.See full review

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winter outfitters has chosen a specific product category to offer to its customers. This store offers winter clothing, which seems to have taken a lot of risks due to the change of seasons, because in times when it is no longer winter, few customers are looking for winter clothing. This store has special clothes like buffalo wool and gatorskins, which I do not think animals should be used as clothing, and I think it is a negative feature for this store. In addition to clothing, this store also offers some tools such as ax types, which are classified into different types. The appearance of the website is designed in a simple way that the categories are marked with images.See full review

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The good as new golf balls store focuses specifically on golf balls. There is no variety of categories in this store. There is only one product category in this store, which is golf balls. Currently only 7 products are listed in this store. The products are from reputable brands of sports websites such as nike and wilson. It is possible to choose the style of the ball and its quantity at the time of purchase, and the price of the products will also vary based on the purchase choices. Contact the website administrators via the phone number as well as the specific contact form specified on the website. See full review

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Everyone may have their own criteria for choosing a suitable exchange. Some choose it based on the trading fee, some based on the features of the trading section, and some based on the types of trades offered in the exchange. People who do futures trading mostly do it on pair usdt-btc. But others are interested in trading on different altcoins, which the exchange has offered about 20 pairs related to altcoins in this section. Bluehelix has registration based on mobile number and email. Those who do not want to do this with a mobile number can do so via the email section. The full possibilities of performing analysis on the currency chart also make traders not need other places to do the analysis. See full review

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In my opinion, security is one of the most important parameters in choosing an exchange for activity. Imagine being able to make a profit with different trades, but eventually losing our assets. We may even lose the money we received from the exchange from the beginning. For this reason, in terms of security, this exchange is one of the best because it uses appropriate security protocols for the website, also 2fa can be activated for user accounts, and finally, the store of users' assets in cold wallets will increase the security of the exchange to the level It raises a lot higher than before. The language of bitex live exchange can be changed to 4 languages ​​other than English, which international users who are not fully familiar with English can easily work in it.See full review

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There are many online fashion stores that are fashion designers themselves and actually offer their own products. But some people want to buy from a store that offers products of several brands, especially famous brands in the field of fashion and clothing, instead of buying from a store that only offers products of one brand. 18montrose is one of these stores that offers different types of clothing and also several famous brands such as Adidas, Nike and Converse are among the brands of this store. New In store categories begin and end with outlets. Some customers generally like to buy new models, while others do not care and prefer not to pay more for new models than outlet auctions, which the store has been thinking about for both groups. See full review

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Naturally, offering products for only one gender for the products of an apparel store almost halves the target audience of the store, and this requires the courage of a store that focuses on only one gender. young british desingers is one of these stores that offers its products only for women. Due to the lack of gender-based categories in this store, store categories are based on apparel type only. One of the interesting points that I saw in the pictures of the products of this store was that he also used older female models in the pictures of the products, and I admire that this is for people who think that they can no longer wear beauty with age. These beautiful images are an example of a significant violation.See full review

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cos apparel store

The cos store, which operates in the field of fashion, has a high variety of apparel. The design of the store website is almost perfect, the images of the products are on the body of the models, and by holding the mouse over the image, the image of the product is displayed alone. cos cares for different ages and the design of her clothes is not only for adults. The store also has a kids & baby category, which is divided into 2 sections for children 2 to 12 months old, and 1 to 10 years old. One of the problems I saw on the website, I wanted to check the footer of the website, but in the category as we go down, the list of products is automatically added and does not give the deadline for review, which can be considered a bug in the website of this store.See full review

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weekday store

weekday has tried not to complicate the shopping process for the visitor and the main groups of categories are divided into only 3 sections. The store sells a variety of apparel by gender. From bags to shirts and jeans are among the products offered by this store. The sale category in this store, which is the auction section of the store, is divided in the same way, and in the same category menu, it is divided into two groups, women and men. Sale discounts are a significant percentage, which is a great auction due to the high variety of products in this section.See full review

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