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NEO is a smart contract blockchain that is contributing to the Web3.0 movement. NEO currently hosting over 100 development applications seeing some traction with the development community. Although NEO does not have the user adoption or the on-chain transaction volume of Ethereum, the project is groVedi recensione completa

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Cardano claims to be the first smart contract blockchain that has been developed in close coordination with researchers, academics, engineers, and existing financial institutions. One of Cardano's first markets is targeted at the subscription based market where the project aims to be a solution to tVedi recensione completa

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QTUM is a smart contract platform built from Bitcoin core and forked to include Ethereum type smart contracts and proof of stake consensus. QTUM has some very strong competition from Ethereum to compete for developers to build on the QTUM platform, and thus far, developers for the most part have decVedi recensione completa

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TrueUSD is a stable coin on the ethereum blockchain that allows users to easily transact on the blockchain with a stable value which makes great as a means of exchange. The stable coin is fully regulated and compliant with country rules and regulations, and has been gaining users as evident in increVedi recensione completa

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solid exchange

Poloniex is a top crypto exchange trading over 80 million dollars of crypto assets each day as of April 2020. Poloniex has wall street backing from Circle who has backers including Goldman Sachs. This exchange is safe to use, will fulfill your exchange needs, and is launching in the near future a toVedi recensione completa

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crypto without chaos

Gemini is a high quality exchange that you can have confidence your funds will be safe, your trades will be regulatory compliant, and the organization will serve you with high quality customer service. Gemini sells itself as "Crypto Without Chaos" and targets traditional mainstream investors which iVedi recensione completa

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Kraken is a very popular exchange that has strong community support because it holds a very high moral and ethical standard lead by the vocal CEO Jesse Powell. Kraken does not allow wash trading on the platform like so many other exchanges and the trade volume. In April 2020, CEO Jesse Powell has anVedi recensione completa

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Bitfinex was founded in 2012 and is now based in Taiwan. The 24 hour transaction volume is 52,000,000 USD USD with exchange liquidity of industry leading 87,000,000 USD. Bitfinex's leads all exchanges on liquidity with 13,000,000 USD more than the second most liquidity exchange. Bitfinex has high qVedi recensione completa

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Bitstamp has been around for a long time started in 2011 and based in the United Kingdom. Bitstamp was the first exchange I purchased crypto with, and even back in 2013 they had quality KYC to ensure compliance. All transactions went through and going in and out of the exchange was a positive expereVedi recensione completa

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EOS is a smart contract blockchain launched in 2017 to improve on existing smart contract blockchains by improving transaction speed and utility. EOS has gained adoption in the gaming and gambling sectors. As of April 2020, EOS has 25 applications that have at least 50 users per day. Some of the mosVedi recensione completa

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Bittrex is a top 10 crypto exchange that is fully compliant with US laws and regulations. Bittrex has a very impressive user experience with a fast, elegant desktop website for trading as well as very advanced mobile applications for Android and iOS. Bittrex is a trusted exchange in that it is one oVedi recensione completa

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The Huobi token is utility token for the Huobi crypto exchange that is one of the largest crypto exchanges of the world. As of April 2020, Huobi has over $70,000,000 USD of liquidity making it the 4th most liquid exchange. The exchange also has a wide range of crypto offerings and sports ~1,000,000,Vedi recensione completa

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Zilliqa is a smart contract blockchain project aiming to improve on other blockchain application projects by focusing on scalability, security, and support for developers. The project is currently working on 14 different projects and has a roadmap. Of interest is that the project has already includeVedi recensione completa

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meme coin

Dogecoin was started in 2013 as a fork of the Litecoin blockchain and uses the similar proof of work scrypt mining algorithm. The project has strong community support and loves the meme culture of this alt coin which started as a joke. The token has been popular in recent years for internet tippingVedi recensione completa

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Pundi X is deploying point of sale hardware solutions to allow crypto users to easily purchase goods and services just like you were using a credit card. This project is an important product to realize in the vision where crypto assets become a large part of everyday transactions and truly complete Vedi recensione completa

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Digibyte is a proof of work crypto asset that aims to improve upon bitcoin's protocol by improving transaction speed, security, and making the blockchain more decentralized by creating a mining algorithm that will ensure more decentralized mining. Vedi recensione completa

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OmiseGO is working to help companies to make a open financial system to all by utilizing blockchain technology. OmiseGO has landed large partners such as Burger King offering end to end solutions to improve loyalty programs, reduce transaction costs, and improve efficiency of payment systems. It wilVedi recensione completa

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VeChain is a highly touted project that aims to revolutionize responsible supply chains by implementing blockchain technology to track products from production to delivery. The project has high potential, but I'd be cautious of the project until more companies begin using the protocol to manage suppVedi recensione completa

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Decred forked from the Bitcoin protocol to improve on two apparent deficiencies of bitcoin including governance and long-term funding. The protocol implements a dual proof of work and stake model to balance the interests of governance and rewards to fund the project. The project has become more popuVedi recensione completa

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Dash is a fork of the Bitcoin protocol aiming to be digital cash and providing extremely fast, cheap transactions. The project has been around for awhile, and has become adopted on many exchanges, has high liquidity, and transaction volume is respectable. A crypto asset that is trying to be the mediVedi recensione completa

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