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visa card

Hi, Visa technology and innovation make digital payments a reality for consumers, businesses, banks and governments. Visa connect people businesses, banks and governments in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Me own visa card a lot years in past, and steel use it. Before some time when worked in bank got to choose one of two cards - master card or visa card, take visa card and not regret. Visa card is simple to use, and can use it in a lot country, protection is good. Also if someone lose card they can ask support for new one card without paying and that is good deal, but need a wait some time because they send documents to primary bank for checking. Protection is simple with 4 numbers pin code.전체 리뷰보기

hive 로고


hive network

Hi, Hive is positioned to become one of the leading Web3 blockchains used by people around the world. Hive have more than 100 applications, and people can choose what they want and like. Hive have around 5 years, and capital around 3 mill dollars. Transactions on hive are fast, in just few seconds you can trade, sell, buy or send many crypto values. To login in hive you need hive keychain extension for browser, on begun that is very complicate for me because have a lot random kind keys, like master key, own key, active key, posting key and memo key. My own hive wallet because play blockchain game, and need wallet for change tokens in hive. Also hive have blog site, many people use that blog site, we can read, comment or write reviews on that blog to help others.전체 리뷰보기

steem freewallet 로고

Steem Freewallet

steem freewallet

Hi, On first place site work, why people in reviews say site not work anymore? Site looks nice, and have a lot market graphics with random coins. Me use one other wallet and that wallet work fine, so this name on wallet make me thinking what is wrong with people. Probably someone try to use familiar wallet name to scam people, we cant see other reason for using almost same name like other wallet. On second place fb page looks great also, and someone always try to help customers, but too many angry people they say they lose money or app not work so probably technic problem or like other people say wallet is not safe for use. On fb also some messages say technical issue with wallet.전체 리뷰보기

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Lars Magnus Ericsson founded Ericsson 145 years ago, with promise to help people. In time this company raise and evolve to global company. This company make some of first telephones on world, and make big network. In today time they have big global network, and industry. My first mobile phone is from this brand, and use it like 3 years when get another phone. remember also t610 from first mobile phones with color display. Today Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers. Soon they will make secure network and probably antivirus, not sure for that but hear something. Company have around 100k workers (employees) on world wide.전체 리뷰보기

eggies world 로고

Eggies World

eggies game

this game v.2 is very simple game. Just need to register account and login and start to play. On start game u get your champion or hero you can call it how you want, u have 5 basic stats with icons, but cant see meaning of it, simple on stat 1 is icon of cards on stat 2 is sword icon that is probably damage, on stat 3 is target or accuracy, on slot 4 is diamond on 5 is clock icon. This is little hard to get meaning of this symbols. After you put 5 stat points on that champion, u choose option fight, enter space and u have 2 options like duel and story mode. And battle start like duel. U attack enemy champ with spells on my keyboard that is key up arrow, with left arrow u change spells. fight is simple 1 move on you one on enemy. After u kill enemy u get drops like some items coins and other.전체 리뷰보기

orient project 로고

Orient Project

eth token

Orient project is future token. They use eth like value. You can invest eth, and u get percent of value every month and that value is fixed, no matter what is price of eth in that moment. You can use it on any place no need energy or other supply. Eth have second place on prices after bitcoin and you can use it in almost every country for payment. I hear a lot times people invest money in crypto, and get too much money and can live like gods. I will try to doo same. I think is good idea to invest money in Orion project and get some payment per month. This is future. Only problem is because eth right now have very big price, and its risky to invest on it. But who know no pain no gain that say old words...전체 리뷰보기

yahoo finance 로고

Yahoo Finance

yahoo service

Yahoo Finance Premium is a new subscription service from Yahoo that builds on the features and data available in the extraordinarily popular Yahoo Finance platform. This platform give you advanced technical charting, live trading, portfolio management and a lo expert analysis for market. One little problem is find option for cancel subscription, hard to navigate and find that in options. I know for yahoo from first time when i use internet and i steel have same email wish i make on that site. So i can free say this is most trusted and safe website. I can see one "strange" thing on site, they delete things about criticism, probably politics on that brand.전체 리뷰보기

huawei 로고


The Honor 10 Lite is budget smartphone from this brand. I use it like 200 days and i can say is one of the best mid range phones. Processor have 8 cores ram is 3 and 64 is storage. Phone give 2 back camera and one front with 24 megapixels. Phone work like 2 days of normal using. Battery is 3750 m ah, and phone is cold that is good, because many phones have problem with big temperature this phone is good on that point. For gaming honor 10 lite is not best choice 70/100. Also bad on phone is because not have USB type C connection, we live in future so we need that. Sound is good on speakers but a lot time i use headphones so i can say music have good sound on it. Also sometimes i watch films on it so i like phone and this brand.전체 리뷰보기

blockchain wallet 로고

Blockchain Wallet

low fees wallet

The Blockchain wаllеt is a сrурtо wаllеt. That wallet have 3 levels of security. You can work with wallet on mobile and PC. I use this wallet in some cripto games like card game splinterlands. Wallet is easy to use, and its very simple. I spend in this crypto game 10€ so i had to use this wallet. In game can earn some game points and that points can trade with blockchain wallet. This wallet is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets in the world. Before i opet my wallet i read on internet what people say about this wallet, and a lot people say good things for it, and i saw some bad thing and that bad things write people who dont know how digital money work and they try to use bad words to other people who think to use this wallet thinks is bad, so some people dont want use it because dont trust in wallet.전체 리뷰보기

gods unchained 로고

Gods Unchained

choose gods

Gods Unchained is digital collectible card game where u will need to use a deck of cards to battle other players in online competitive games. In game u have 6 unique gods. So you have a lot random tactics like in many other games like this one. You also can sell cards, i saw some cards have price like 1000-1500€, how is hard to get them i dont know i dont own any. U also sometimes have events in game, like double rewards weekend ranked. The prizes you win are based on three things: How many wins you earn in your first 25 games of each Weekend Ranked event; Your rank before each Weekend Ranked event begins; Whether you have a wallet linked to your account or not. Also to receive expansion pack prizes, you must have a wallet linked to your account. In this rank event u have 12 ranks, started from bronze to mithic. On start game u have tutorial so you can learn basics of the game. 전체 리뷰보기

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