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This will be a brief and concise review as according to my findings, the Free TON Swap DEX works exactly as almost every other decentralized exchange that we all know of 👌. The attention given to simplicity in creating the framework of the Free TON Swap is one as with a great laudable achievement as this helps in it's plans to bring over other users to using it's infrastructure. I was quite amazed 😮 at seeing the Free TON Swap DEX having a farming section with APRs reaching as high as 200% because I indicated in my initial review that there was none. This definitely shows that the project is catching up with the whole hype of Yield farming and keeping up to date the latest development in the Crypto Sphere. As I was checking through the supported cryptocurrencies on it's analystics board, there was quite a few projects though, especially the non native ones like UNI and BTC which were wrapped. Most of them had no much liquidity and the price margin between It's wrapped version of BTC and Bitcoin was about $900 as at the time of writing. This is most probably as many users are yet to harness the usefulness of Free TON Blockchain as a whole. The Native projects on Free TON Swap though had some significant TVL with others having zero. The integration of Yield farming is sure to position the DEX with a higher TVL in a few months to come so do well to watch it's space 👀 In a nutshell, Free TON Swap DEX ia a composite of AMM, Yield Farm and an Analytics Dashboard project integrating every parts necessary for a smooth use in swapping, earning yields, tracking cryptocurrencies. It's most reliable for use in Free TON. 전체 리뷰보기

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Octus Bridge

Considering the high cost of gas transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, many have choose to go along with Ethereum competitors in order to interact with smart contracts enabled platforms. Free Ton as a blockchain has enabled smart contracts and has a range of yield farms making it attractant to the Yield farmers out there. With Ethereum being the Grand Master having other people, traders or general users under it's shade, the need for a bridge to crossover those assets to Free TON became a Necessary Good The Free TON Bridge, powered by Brocus came into existence and has really been a frontier in the transition of assets from The Ethereum blockchain to Free TON Blockchain. The bridge also brought about the Bridge Token, an asset meant to democratize the Free TON Bridge services, secure the bridge protocol by assigning Relayers with a minimum Bridge Token holdings, Staking rewards and Bridge operation rewards. The token has been a major success following the Initial offering it had going for $2 and it currently sits at a tight value of $6 The existent use of the bridge comes up as simple as it goes by connecting both blockchains together on it's site and selecting the supported cryptocurrency to be transitioned. Gas fees are paid by the Users which is partly offset by the Bridge operation rewards so it's still cheap in a way. Tokens bridged can easily be swapped away on the DEX as there is quite a huge liquidity to use from. The Free TON Bridge has really been pivotal to the greater success and attraction of users to the Free TON Blockchain. 전체 리뷰보기

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FreeTon; Many may have most probably never really heard of this Blockchain but it's one that has amazed me beyond all reasonable doubt. I will explain in concise terms why! First off, Free Ton Blockchain was created as a community response to the high amount paid as fees on other popular smart contract platforms which was pillaging off profits or making interaction with a decentralised application expensive. I can see that the project emanated from Europe as it's community composes mostly of Russians, French and English speaking Individuals but the scope of the project has gone beyond to also affect Asia as they boast of a Chinese community. As I looked through the Project, I can agree to the attested point which says the project is mostly in the hands of the community looking at the way things are handled from decision making to implementation. With the native coin being Crystal coming with benefits of low fees, here is my research into the project FreeTon as a Smart Contract enabled Chain: Answers that arise from questions asked about speed latency and cost when placed into consideration should make you leave any other Blockchain you are on to migrate over to FreeTon. Here's why; The block time of FreeTon Blockchain is just 0.2 Seconds, this is quite fast. The fees are also very negligible, costing below a cent in most cases especially for Crystal transactions between wallets. For use in creating smart contracts, interestingly to how FreeTon speaks of being a community enabled Chain, they have made available resources that will help a complete Non-Developer to create his/her first smart contract or decentralised app. This is achieved by: 1. The use of Debots: This is by far the best part that comes with creating or writing a smart contract on FreeTon. Debot is used in creating smart contracts through a simple dialogue via a secured chat interface. This makes it possible for anyone with an idea of what's needed to be created, brought to life on the FreeTon Blockchain. 2. The use of popular programming languages like Solidity, C++ and C makes it easier for Developers from other Blockchains to come and find easy root in developing their smart contract on FreeTon. 3. GitHub and Docs which contains a huge list of instructional material to guide with when writing a smart contract. With all these in place, one will agree that FreeTon has simplified the whole process of entering for a developer from a different blockchain to begin work on his/her project on The FreeTon Blockchain. FreeTon Wallets and it's DeFi protocols Crystals or TON can be held on different wallets for Mobile devices and Chrome extensions for PCs. Popular wallets are yet to support the Blockchain. Despite the much added benefits that comes from FreeTon, there are no proliferation of DeFi protocols on the Blockchain. Currently, the only supported staking pool I have found laying around is the Depool which apparently is a Pool for the community to stake their Crystals to Validators and get a share of the fees. And as expected, the APR is quite low, averaging around 6% Yearly from an ROI of over 12% last year. Am still interested in seeing Protocols being built on this cheap blockchain as it will help mitigate the fees I pay off my profits on other chains. The Crystal or TON Coin FreeTon is still quite early in the space, being online for just over 1 Year, though it's Investors has received the brunt of the dump bringing price down by over 50%. Just as an Author noted, the Bull run of this year didn't really put an effect on the Crystal price and I can push the blame to the huge fact that FreeTon lacks popularity. Crystal has over 5 Billion coins in circulation already and a price of $0.34 which is surely poised to go up once developers begin to see the potential in the Blockchain and begin developing on it; requiring Crystal for fees to interact with the Chain making it needful. I am no Financial advisor but my interest in this coin is as a result of its use in the chain. Prospects Surprisingly, NFTs are supported to be created on FreeTon, that is to say, they are not keeping off the trend. The Ton Swap DEX which keeps receiving regular updated to improvement shows that many are still in the business of developing FreeTon. Though listed on a few centralised exchanges, I hope to see Crystal on Top Tier exchanges soon to come. I intend to even have my first project on this blockchain considering the low fee, speed and ease that comes with launching a project on its Blockchain. FreeTon is reaching out beyond Europe and Asia, encompassing into areas of Africa. Once they can establish their stronghold, I assure you, this project will be one of the most sought-after Smart contract enabled low fee chain. Am looking forward to its success.전체 리뷰보기

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The Ethereum Project Review

The Ethereum project was started by Vitalik Buterin not as a Crypto asset for facilitating P2P transaction but as an open source project from which developers from all around the world can write their codes in it's smart contract to develop their Decentralized apps Dapps and Tokens with different use case. The native coin of this project is the Ethereum ETH and currently ranks 2nd in the coinmarket ranking according to it's total market capitalization. The price of ETH has been experiencing steady growths from the beginning of the year in which it crashed to almost $100 and then peaked to over $400 during the Defi bubble and currently hovering around $340 The cryptocoin is one of the most widely held asset as there are millions of wallets supporting this Coin which means it's a versatile asset. The creation on the Ethereum Blockchain of Decentralized apps Dapps and Smart Contract is a technical process and is best left for highly skilled Developers as mistakes or vulnerabilities in a smart contract can lead to it being hacked or tampered and funds lost or maneuvered just like that of the Eminence Finance Project. The project supports a Testnet for the developers to run their code without taking risks of losing money before launching their projects on the Ethereum Mainnet. Tokens that can be created on the Ethereum Blockchain are referred to as ERC-20 tokens and are the most created tokens in the Crypto world as it can be accessed on any ERC-20 supporting Ethereum wallet. The Ethereum coin is a mineable asset which supports only the Proof of Work mining algorithm bit with hopes for a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism coming at the years' end in the launch of the Ethereum 2전체 리뷰보기

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BHEX Wallet

BHEX wallet is the brain child of the BlueHelix exchange created for the sole purpose of housing its novel Chain. One could say that initially, this wallet was created for the HDEX chain but the wallet goes beyond a single chain. Supporting 2 EVM Compatible Chains; Binance Smart Chain and the Huobi Ecosystem Chain, The Ethereum Mainnet, Bitcoin Mainnet, Tron Mainnet and Dogecoin Mainnet but most importantly, it's HDEX Chain. This makes the BHEX wallet a multifunctional, multichain and multinucleated wallet supporting a host of major crypto blockchains. To add more savory to the tale, the wallet is non-custodial as expected, giving full permission of the wallet to the user. The User Interface is one to reckon with also, easy to navigate through and move between different blockchains and assets on the same interface offers more usability to the wallet. The only supported DAPP at the moment as I have seen is the HDEX, a BlueHelix Chain Decentralised exchange that only supports assets on the BlueHelix Chain. What makes the DEX more appealing is the Limit order market available on the DEX which is something not quite seen in many Decentralised exchanges around Its a great wallet but with shortcomings such as the limited assets it can support and as it has no decentralised application website interface to interact with using the wallet for other Blockchains, it doesn't want to seem to work out for it's Multichain framework.전체 리뷰보기

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KuCoin Exchange has the Best User Interface

My first interaction with KuCoin Exchange was when I wanted to withdraw my Rev token from Revain. My first expression on seeing the User Interface was "Wow". So far, KuCoin has the best UI I have seen so far They don't just stop there, the exchange provides a great Chart of currency movements that's suites the trader's style. I personally recommend this exchange to traders and Hodlers alike as the platform permits staking of some coins with competitive returns The minimum withdrawal amounts is in one way okay for some coins and in others, not good at all. Also the withdrawal fees for most coins are relatively high. The exchange takes fees from both Market makers and takers which I find not  The frequent promotion found in KuCoin Exchange are also great and with the high liquidity found on the exchange for many of its coins, traders are hardly stranded in it's 전체 리뷰보기

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An interesting exchange platform I have come across is the SBit500. They are an exchange and profit Unitarian exchange that prioritizes the use of algorithmic based evaluations to ensure maximum profit possible for it's users. In simpler terms, the platform collates a number of determining factors and then sorts them out to provide the best strategy for profit distribution SBit500 offers a CTF-like platform that uses the trading strategies of expert traders to determine and set out options for traders to choose from in order to begin generating a passive income from their Investment. An interesting way of letting your money work for you is why many users will be more endeared to using the platform. Though the use of its CTF comes with the need for user identity verification. Actually, SBit500 is more of a crypto exchange platform but instead of them sticking to the boring parts of exchanging cryptocurrencies for one another, the implementation of the CTF-like protocol for passive income earning is quite the banger for the project. They have been online for about two years now but recently opened it's forts for investors to come in this year, yet they still lack a lot. They lack liquidity and pairs, they also lack cryptocurrencies available to trade there but being new, much can still be expected of the platform so it's not a reason to loose hope. Strong security system is a given for the SBit500 platform. The wallets which the platform plays custodian of is said to be multi paralleled secured and the exchange also provides a domestic security scene for the users also. This exchange is all rose and diamonds for it's utility but it also comes with its pullbacks. One of my biggest concern for this exchange is its community. Among all it's social media accounts, the number of followers it has counts for nothing as compared to other mainstream of upcoming exchange platforms. This may be as a result of their total lack of exposure a d marketing which has kept investors away from seeing what is possible using the SBit500 for their passive income source. A good case example for their social media is the Telegram. They have no Telegram community group but instead uses an announcement channel instead. Even the announcement channel lacks members with my addition to the group bringing it to a round number of 40. This lack of direct communication and interaction for both the support and the investors respectively poses more of a problem in my view than their hidden profile. To compound, this exchange platform also limits access to a certain number of countries which I could not specify but you can try to open it's site and if your country is restricted, it will notify you. You can't be wrong using SBit500 but I would drop a suggestion for them, hopefully they take it. Increased support for more countries and languages will be much appreciated of the platform. Thank you!전체 리뷰보기

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3X Long Bitcoin Token

The 3x Long bitcoin token is one of the Leveraged tokens offered by the renowned FTX exchange that allows for traders and Investors to take a bet for a coin in the upward direction with the leverage of X3 applied automatically to it. When traders are actually betting for the price of to rise, they buy the 3x long Bitcoin token which brings about x3 the profit one would normally make buying Bitcoin in a spot market. With no risk of liquidation or rebalancing of Leverage, traders are sure pitch in to taking 3x long Bitcoin when being bullish on Bitcoin rather than trading it's contracts. The risks with the 3x long Bitcoin token is mostly based on wrong prediction as when you buy a 3x long token and the price of moves down against it, you also make 3x faster loss. But what makes up for it is making out the right trend and trading along that level.전체 리뷰보기

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The Trustswap exchange has been a very popular option to a lot of traders since its inception. The excerpts of a utility token by the exchange with a lot of use case to it has been the bedrock to more success of the exchange itself and the value of the token reciprocated the same. With Trustswap token, transaction fees on its exchange is made lesser and with the newly released Launchpad Trustswap exchange has implemented, holders of the Trustswap token gets a guaranteed allocation to investing. Other Function the token brings are the rewards which can be gotten for staking the token though it's limited from some countries전체 리뷰보기

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An interesting project that sprang up years back bringing autonomy to the ways of content viewing and creation was the MyTVChain, a blockchain created for the sole purpose of removing any barrier between both the content creators and the viewers thereby giving a fair share of the revenue generated and no censorship on the content created One interesting part of the project launch was it's percentage given to the developers. A 5% allocation to the team shows how interested the developers were in creating something valuable and they did. As a platform dedicated to sport content, they have been able to gather many sportsman and sport enthusiasts into the platform who create rewarding content for which both sides gets to earn a part of the revenue Though the project is still early and is yet to get many of the biggest names in the sport industry, they sure are have been able to achieve a lot. I really liked the project and am pretty bullish on it.전체 리뷰보기

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