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Binaryx offers a free and encrypted wallet where we can store and transfer our cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. We can use our funds at any time, from any device. It is protected thanks to the fact that it uses cold wallets for the storage of funds, which gives a good level of confidence for the users who are going to use it. They use software to confirm transactions. There are no fees of any kind for its use. They include several methods for deposit and withdrawal such as credit and debit cards (we can convert and withdraw trust funds), bank transfer (SEPA) to be able to make deposits and payments in seconds, and obviously the possibility of accepting and sending cryptocurrencies. In general, the wallet is well used in all the main things that were previously mentioned, however, it is still under development, so we would have to wait in the future to see what happens in this regard.전체 리뷰보기

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LGBTQ Network Foundation

I find it extremely cool that the LGBTQ community can use their own project on the blockchain, this would mean great and successful support. So many people who are aware of the cryptographic world can know more about the LGBTQ community, essentially in those countries that do not accept it and the best thing is that thanks to blockchain technology, inclusion is always permissible. Currently the token has not had the corresponding use and is not available in many cryptocurrency exchanges, however, it is still possible to use it for the payment of services. In my opinion, LGBTQ Network Foundation will be a resounding success for the future not only for this community but for the world with all the support and unity they have offering us good services and high security to give us full confidence.전체 리뷰보기

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Atomars is scam

This is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2019 that has obtained a considerable number of users. Among the main advantages that we will find when using this exchange would be its global presence, high levels of security and 24/7 customer service. In addition, they have a mobile application for Android available. They admit more than forty different cryptocurrencies where the most popular and well-known main ones are obviously located. There is no doubt that hearing all this we could say that it is a good trustworthy exchange, however, recently Atomars has received thousands of complaints from users since they have made it impossible to withdraw and support is not available to give attention to the users. For this reason, I do not recommend anyone to use this cryptocurrency exchange as it has become a scam.전체 리뷰보기

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NewYorkCoin (NYC) is the cryptocurrency of the city of New York (as its name says), it will serve us for what are the transfers of digital assets instantaneously without problems thanks to the use of the blockchain. We can store this digital currency in our native wallet that bears the same name as the cryptocurrency or other wallets that are compatible. In addition, an application is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices as well as desktop computers that use Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. In general, this is one of the cryptocurrencies that could have a resounding success in the future due to its speed in transactions. Due to this, it has managed to increase its capitalization throughout the crypto market, however, it is still not at the height of other popular cryptocurrencies in valuation.전체 리뷰보기

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NEM Mobile Wallet

NEM Mobile Wallet

This is an open source wallet that uses only the NEM (XEM) cryptocurrency. It is available as its name says for mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system. In addition, we will have the possibility of managing multiple accounts because it is a wallet with multiple signatures. In my experience of using it, I can say that it is a wallet with an interface that is easy to understand and use for both newbies and experts. We will have the possibility to receive and send the cryptocurrency NEM (XEM). Among the security features I can say that they are really nice since among some of those they store our private keys after having encrypted them. However, the only thing that I did not like is that it only limits itself to using the cryptocurrency NEM (XEM), but it is a fact since it is the name that the mobile wallet itself carries.전체 리뷰보기

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Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide and the first to operate by the way before other cryptocurrencies emerged that surpassed it, so talking about this topic will always include Bitcoin mainly. Therefore, Bitcoin Wallet is completely irresistible for its use in this sense since it is a wallet with incredible features where we can store our bitcoins. Among the features that I was able to highlight when using it, are these: We will have full control of our funds and private keys. High level of security. Cold storage. In addition, it is available for both desktop computers and mobile devices. In general, it is a wallet in which we will not have problems to store our bitcoins due to all the attractive features that it has.전체 리뷰보기

corazon titanium trezor model t 로고

Corazon Titanium Trezor Model T

CORAZON is a cryptocurrency and bitcoin hardware wallet produced in collaboration with Trezor and GRAY Singapore. The cheapest model will cost about $ 600 USD, while the most expensive between $ 1500 USD and $ 2000 USD. It has a machined outer shell of aerospace grade titanium and aluminum. Internally, it is technologically based on the Trezor Model T. In general, Corazon Titanium Trezor Model T is a hardware wallet that will provide us with an impressive level of security, supports multiple cryptocurrencies and is modernly designed with a titanium case.전체 리뷰보기

ledger blue 로고

Ledger Blue

This is a hardware wallet that is developed with a better interface than its previous predecessors in which it has a drop-resistant metal body and a 3.5-inch touch screen in addition to Bluetooth and USB input. In addition, as you already know we will be able to store and send cryptocurrencies more effectively, we will maintain our privacy and anonymity at any time. I have to admit that all Ledger products are pretty good and have gained huge popularity over the years. We have the possibility to adapt the use of these wallets to our desktop computer, smartphone, tablet and use it without being connected. However, we have to know that the better the wallet, the more expensive it will be. The wallet supports multiple digital assets and has high security for the safeguarding of all our funds with a dual-chip implementation for the trust of users. We will have the use of PIN numbers and there will be no need for two-step authentication. In general, Ledger Blue is a very popular wallet that despite being expensive, is worth buying for all the features it has in terms of security and confidence that it will give users who use it.전체 리뷰보기

dark wallet btc 로고

Dark Wallet BTC

Dark Wallet allowed us to have a wallet connected through our desktop or laptop computer, both in the Windows and Linux operating systems. It was open source, respected user anonymity, and was available as a Chrome extension. However, they had multiple restrictions and many users began to complain about having problems with this wallet. Currently, the wallet is completely out of service since March 2020.전체 리뷰보기

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Scopuly wallet

In this review I will tell you about my experience using Scopuly Wallet, a wallet based on the Stellar blockchain that has a really modern and pleasant interface for any user. We will have the possibility to exchange fiat currency and cryptocurrencies because it incorporates an SDEC exchange. This is a really novel and high-value feature. In addition, there is no commission on this type of exchange and we can do this type of operation from almost anywhere in the world. We can store and exchange Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and fiat currencies such as the Euro and Dollar. We can make deposits and withdrawals through the Payeer payment gateway. We can even use this wallet both on mobile devices with Android or iOS operating system and on our desktop computer, which is very beneficial. As for security, if at any time we lose our wallet, we can re-enter with the private keys that they will grant us when we start using it. In my opinion, it is a wallet that I would recommend due to all the beneficial features it offers and the best thing is that we are going to adapt quickly to its use.전체 리뷰보기

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