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Barefoot Student

The flexibility to post content, receive comments from other users/employers of our program as well has being able get in-depth feedback about my postings! I wish there was more information shared between myself (the employer) & potential candidates for interviews or job applications regarding what specific skills are valued by each organization so we can better prepare ourselves when interviewing at them again down the line!! Overall it's been very helpful though - great way t connect w/ recruiters who work directly within universities like mine but aren't always available during normal office hours :) Have also found this service useful since most campus employment resources seem geared towards only searching their own websites only which makes finding those not associated through your school quite difficult if you're looking outside its' network :).전체 리뷰보기

salad 로고


I love that you can make money while playing your favorite game with friends! You also don't have to worry about spending too much time farming for it because there are plenty people who will sell their items so fast when using this program - which is great as well since we all know how hard it was before finding these programs like salad where i could just log onto my computer or phone at any point during day/night etc., get some cash from selling stuff online without having to be sitting around doing nothing but waiting until night falls again only then would come back home take out trash & do dishes lol. 전체 리뷰보기

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I like that I can easily see my transactions on their website. It's very easy to use and has many features which are useful when buying cryptocurrencies. The fact that you have to pay additional fees if you want to withdraw your coins makes me feel uneasy about using this platform. In general, I think this is a good way to buy cryptocurrency without having to go through a third party wallet. You do not need any technical knowledge or experience to use this service. All you need is access to internet and some basic understanding of how crypto works. This is great because there are no limits to what you can purchase. If you're looking for ways to invest in bitcoin and other altcoins then Peaq will help you achieve those goals. 전체 리뷰보기

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It is fast, reliable, and simple way of facilitating transactions using cryptocurrency. The interface is easy to use and well designed. I like it how it lets users pay with their crypto-currency coins and no matter what kind of currency you have it will convert for you as long as there are enough available wallets in the exchange that has the conversion rate from that particular coin too! Also they provide multiple services other than simply converting cryptocurrencies to other currencies, I have yet to try their wallet but i'm certain its great especially considering all the competition right now. Well this one seems most convenient and has very nice customer support compared to competitors. Nothing really, everything seems good so far. We were looking for an automated solution for our customers who want to transact by fiat using cryptocurrencies. This does exactly that. CoinSnap is a very simple platform to use. It's easy to implement and use. I can't think of anything I dislike about CoinSnap. I would highly recommend CoinSnap to other businesses. CoinSnap is a great tool for our business. We've been able to use CoinSnap to accept Bitcoin payments for our customers. The customer experience is easy and fast. We are able to receive Bitcoin payments for our products and services.전체 리뷰보기

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Cargo Agents, Inc.

The best thing about cargo agents inc from our point of view was their customer support staff! Not only did they help us get everything in order but also helped out when it came time for shipment pick up/ delivery at customs!! They were fast efficient knowledgeable professionals who made working together very easy. I would definitely recommend them if your looking into international shipping services!! Shipping containers are extremely important so make sure that this will be done correctly by someone professional like these guys. !전체 리뷰보기

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Hosted Prometheus

I love that it is easy to use, especially for my less technical team members (sales). It's also nice that you can do many different things with one dashboard including graphs/charts + alerting set ups! The UI could be better in terms of looking more professional but overall this tool works really well when combined wih Grafana / Alertmanager! We were struggling so much trying to find an open source solution that we didn't have to spend thousands or even tens-of-thousands each year just keep our data up & running. This product has made us realize how important having good metrics are - which allows me as CTO to make strategic decisions quickly without wasting too long thinking about them over complicated analytics tools like Google Analytics etc. 전체 리뷰보기

workstack 로고


The best thing is, I can see my task list in order which are due next day. There's no need to worry about time because of its auto-set up schedule feature which saves me lots of time of going through different websites for finding out what needs to be done first. Sometimes it lags or crashes but not frequently so there's nothing big to dislike about this tool as such. Try it to make your life easier by managing all your projects at one place with ease. It has helped me manage the tasks from multiple clients in very simple way. Also helps you track progress of every single task easily. 전체 리뷰보기

blaze portfolio managment 로고

Blaze Portfolio Managment

The best part of using this software was having it in one place - I can see all my trades, holdings etc as well other info such has performance dates for each asset/stock which makes managing them easier to keep up-to date than if they were scattered around various different platforms! Not much at present but there are some minor issues being addressed by their support team so hopefully these will be resolved soon too (as mentioned above). It's good we have something like this available now when investing companies go through major changes or mergers & acquisitions where you need access across multiple systems quickly without any hassle from your end once set ups everything correctly first time round!! 전체 리뷰보기

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The ability for our staff, both in-house as well external consultants/contractors have access at all times from anywhere with internet or mobile device connection! This allows us flexibility when working remotely without having physical office space open 24 hours 7 days per week while still being able to work together collaboratively via video conferencing tools such has Zoom etc.. As we are an IT service provider it is very important that I am always available should any problems arise which would need my attention immediately - this also means there may be issues where clients can't get hold if me due too busy elsewhere but by using these remote support systems they don’t see how often i'm actually "off site" so no issue arises!! 전체 리뷰보기

leadformly 로고


The ease of use is one thing that I love about this product! It works well for both B2B or consumer websites (or any type!). We've been able to increase our conversion rate significantly using leadforms as opposed to other options we had in place before it was implemented at my organization - which were not nearly so easy-to implement nor did they offer such great results like Leadefrom does!! There are some things you have do be aware/careful when implementing them but nothing too difficult once familiarized yourself wtih how everything functions. Our main goal here has always just simply captured email addresses from visitors who come onto our site looking specifically into an opportunity area within either marketing automation software tools etc., then converting those emails directly through third party platforms instead of having people fill out standard web form information first only later being redirected after submission back via link provided upon completion & approval process thru their platform provider).전체 리뷰보기

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