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Review on BTC.com by José A Rodríguez

A Multi-block Mining Pool Representing High Volume for the Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin is not only the highest and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, but it is also the most operative blockchain network of all. With lots of companies, enterprises, and financial services everywhere, the value of the Bitcoin token is always increasing as well as the services derived from it. Mining them became a more difficult task since the blocks are now not so easy to find. However, the great BTC mining pool is there to give support to BTC miners, but also boost great revenues in other blocks. 

This mining pool works with 11 different blocks. Most of them are part of the Bitcoin alliance, while others are derived from the ERC-20 network. The service is effective, secure, and reliable. There have not been scam issues, and all incomes have been set to their owners. The service is not only high because of the multi-blocks support it offers, but also because of the different network management where they can be found.

This mining pool is actively open to everyone. The mobile app brings complete access to the last releases and the daily process of mining. There, users can even find and buy external mining machines appropriate to set short but profitable business. BTC mining is good because it offers operativeness and it does not show signs of stopping its services like other mining pools are doing right now. It has been placed four in the most useful mining services of the last year.

This service is also a great surprise for the advanced miners because it supports them with amazing gifts and lots of electronic devices. On the other hand, the monitoring feature this mining pool offers is compared to the network running in any blockchain, it registers everything and all processes go fast. However, the service is not globally recognized because it is only available in two languages. It would be great if the company updated the current language administration and expanded its services to other regions.

BTC pool brings support to additional services that include mining tools, smart agent services, a logistic firmware virtual-device, and the general explorer to know the blockchains listed in the service.

Knowing of the mining pool services is part of the development of a cryptocurrency. This action will give more movement to the blockchains and traders will increase their earnings while miners unlock more incomes.

Pros & cons

  • The mobile app is so necessary and easy-to-understand. All miners can follow the steps of others, and keep in touch with the last movements to know is the rate flowing.
  • It has shown a great volume of mining. The last hasrates has been marked beyond the established limit among the different blocks it permits to mine.
  • Multi-blocks mining service. There are excellent giveaways for those who mine the inner blocks of Bitcoin which is the supportive blockchain in the service, but it also gives excellent movements to the ones hidden in Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.
  • Excellent miner's hash rate chart that illustrates last transactions, amounts of blocks mined, company, and daily earnings.
  • There have been issues for long-time transaction approvals. Besides, the current revenues are not as high as they were before, although it is due to the difficulty of finding operative blocks.
  • The company should update the web page to bring global users chances of trying their services. It is available in just two languages, and a mining pool service requires good understanding before joining the work.