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Payment MethodPay on Target
Commission Fee1.00%

About CKPool

CKPool is a mining pool. Mining at avoids the overheads of running a full Bitcoin node that requires both great storage and bandwidth for optimal performance.

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CKPool: Operative in the Web but Not so Useful at all

CkPool used to provide good rates for Ming and enjoying that special duty from the crypto-world, but with time it became less useful and today it is an outdated network. Although it is still operative and is used by some miners, this mining pool...See full review


CKPool is a code configuration pool that requires users to connect to a pool using install coding support from linux. CKPool is an ultra heat low mining platform that requires users to connect to proxy server with a btc address, username and...See full review

CKPOOL Mining Pool With Complex Interface

CKPOOL is an anonymous cryptocurrency mining pool Platform that was created in 2014. It allow miners to mine with profitable payment method of Solo/ PPLNs with low commission fee of 0•9%. It is secure, easy, fast and profitable for the large...See full review


It is an anonymous mining group, that is, it does not require registration. Its really poor interface does not offer anything attractive it seems like an abandoned place, which does not offer the confidence to invest in it or be recommended to...See full review


It is a fairly small and complex platform to use, providing solo mining with a 1% BTC fee and in turn, the miner gets 99% of the obtained BTC block reward. It never extracts free blocks due to its scalable code that allows its miners to be in new...See full review


CKPool is an exclusively unique mining platform with a speed, clarity and ease to extract cryptocurrencies without any problem since its inauguration in 2014, this platform is not very wide, but not for that reason it is not bad, on the contrary it...See full review


CKPool is a mining group in which users can mine cryptocurrencies in an easy, fast and simple way, since its launch in mid-2014 as a small mining company, it has worked with a great development, achieving great advances in terms of security...See full review

My ckpool

CKPool is a small and very little complex mining group with a not very striking interface and not highly recommended for all new users oh miners in the field of large crypto mining investment. Which How much with a simple PPNLS operations system in...See full review

CKPool, A small mining pool with a not-so-simple interface

CKPool is a small mining group with an interface not highly recommended for those new to the mining investment market. How much with a payment system PPNLS in which it has a rate of 0.9%. The CKPool system, despite being a small group, is aimed at...See full review


This mining group is one of the most complicated and confusing to use since it does not have much characteristic and little information, this cue created in 2014 also this project offers a PPLNS payment model, and will have a rate of 0.9 percent...See full review