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Review on CKPool by José A Rodríguez

CKPool: Operative in the Web but Not so Useful at all

CkPool used to provide good rates for Ming and enjoying that special duty from the crypto-world, but with time it became less useful and today it is an outdated network. Although it is still operative and is used by some miners, this mining pool offers a very low platform design. Personally, the company has stopped being functional and do not want to offer more management, or perhaps, that's because users do not find a correct way of investment to mine.

The service still offers access to different external sites where the mining networks are available. They have been operative for mining BTC, although in the current date it has been difficult because those blocks are less used than the others in the top services. however, those sites count with a better improvement that would be necessary for the main platform. If developers dedicate a little to assess the transition of this platform, then they would find ways for helping to develop something brand new. Of course, there has not been proved that a mining pool requires this because the main task is just making but I consider this is important because a good web design knows reliability and trustworthiness. Although the services are legit and certified from a good company, it can become less useful with time.

The company provides simple-to-read lines that assure the service is suitable for a common large set of blocks to mine, those that are highly known as mining farms. Moreover, it is an option for new miners wanting to enter this world and get some profitable rewards from it.

For now, I just assess the content of this network by the written offers they have. I do not like their entire purpose and offers for mining because they are highly outdated. If this site can work properly for new miners, I cannot see it yet, and I recommend them to think twice before joining the service. However, if you still want to try how earnings go on it, then visit the page and decide on your own. Remember that mining pools are not common sites for investments and earning profitable rewards.

Pros & cons

  • Some explanations are good to understand the options for using the service and the networks linked to it.
  • Outdated service and low technology design. It counts with a little use of informative content to understand the offers of the company.
  • Lack of management of the company. There no exist any type of customer's support in case of any difficulty with the service.
  • There are not social media where to find additional information about the network.
  • It offers low value for mining and the current offers are less useful than before.