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Review on NiceHash by Noah Patterson

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Easy to use and good auto optimizations

Quick summary: if you want to get into mining on you home machine and want an easy to use interface with effective default setting then Nicehash could be the miner for you!

Nicehash is a crypto mining application, mining management website, crypto wallet, Lightning Network Node ( What’s this?), and hash-power marketplace. The beauty of Nicehash is that they make it simple to get going.

One thing to note: Crypto mining isn’t quite as profitable as it once was, especially if you’re using only you home gaming computer. Bitcoin is much harder to mine as more people join and since Bitcoin is a finite resource, there’s less coin to find.

Nicehash alleviates some of these issues by creating a “mining pool” for you to join. A “mining pool” is just a group of machines (an the individuals or companies who own them) all working together to find coin. The amount of coin you earn is determined by how much “effort” your machine contributed to finding the coin.

Before you start you’ll want to check out Nicehash’es quick calculator to see how much your machine will earn.

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You can use “auto selection” by installing a quick tool to log your computer’s hardware or the “manual option” to select your macines hardware. Either way, Nicehash will inform you how much Bitcoin and equivalent fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) currency you cacould earn per Day, per Month and per Year. Nicehash will also do some electricity cost calculations so you’ll know what your actual take home profit will be.

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Steps to start

  1. Use profitability calculator to make sure you’ll earn money — there’s no reason to start if you’ll lose money to electricity costs
  2. Creat a Nicehash account
  3. Download and install the Nicehash QuickMiner — there’s other options but this is the easiest way.
  4. Pro Tip! Some anti virus software won’t like crypto miners, please be 100% sure you’ve downloaded the moner from the real NiceHash website.
  5. Click run from the web browser
  6. Profit!
  7. please be aware that it could take a few minutes for the web interface to properly show your mining stats and estimated profitability.
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Overall, Nicehash is an amazingly simple website you can use to get started mining crypto currency. The only downside is that they only support Bitcoin (BTC) So you’ll need to find other mining software and min8ng poops to use for other coin types.

I fully believe that NiceHash is one of the easiest and quickest way to get experience mining crypto and start making profits.

  • Amazing easy interface and setup.
  • Only allows profits in terms of Bitcoin; you’ll need to look elsewhere to mine other coins.