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BANKEX is a enabling the generation of assets and contracts creating Decentralized capital markets.

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I have issues that I need to research and conclude.

In the beginning, I thought that this project, which started with a good progress, really had a bright future. However, I can say that after a while, even a very short time ago, my trust in this…See more

Bankex continues to develop the project

Bankex is a fintech company that uses blockchain technology due to its decentralized complex savings system. It also has access to users by having those tags. A project that allows you to make a…See more

Bankex: hope it comes out to be legit.

In the course of improving on the decentralization of the world's capital markets, there have been so many complications. On my research on digital asset banking platforms, I came across this…See more

BANKEX (BKX): A project that works in several areas.

Hello everyone. My review today is about the BANKEX project. This multi-faceted project, one of the main projects, is to save your commercially diverse resources by being able to create a long-term…See more

BANKEX (BKX): it is a project that works in several ways, one of the main ones being savings.

BANKEX (BKX): is a project that works in several ways, one of the main ones is the saving of your commercial assets, with the possibility of generating long term interests with a complex saving…See more

About Bankex

After virtual money options became popular, blockchain technology has also started to be used on different platforms. After making money flow more easily in the digital environment, Bankex started…See more

Provides digital bank services through tokenization.

The proof of asset protocol is that it makes it a truly essential platform. Its goal is to give investors liquidity. It does this through the integration of banks and financial assets through the…See more

It uses solidity, an open source library.

This is a unique platform for employing proof of asset protocol to tokenize assets and at the same time provide liquidity. Some of the major competitors include Loopring, Stellar and Macquarie…See more

Bankex offers development services for new blockchain projects where companies…

Bankex offers development services for new blockchain projects where companies and small industries request both advice and tokenization of existing projects that only want to take the technological…See more