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About Bolivarcoin

Bolicoinis is a create a trusted cryptocurrency suported by the Venezuelan citizens and for the Venezuela natural resourses. The philosophy of Bolivarcoin is to follow the ideals set by others altcoins and adapt it and make it more friendly for it users by creating a social media campaign to inform about its benefits and uses.

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Bolicoin (BOLI) is a virtual currency from Venezuela created by Satoshisimon Bolivarmoto, with a major goal and focus to create a trusted cryptocurrency that will be backed by the Venezuelan citizens. Bolivarcoin plans to mimic and follow the paths...See full review

Bolivarcoin (BOLI): A later Venezuelan cryptographic currency project.

Bolicoinis is a cryptocurrency supported by Venezuelan residents and regular Venezuelan sources. The way to think about Bolivarcoin is to make it more convenient for customers through an online media mission to follow and customize the beliefs of...See full review

a cash confronting the advanced economy

Fiat cash has lost a critical piece of its clients because of the development of cryptographic stages that show proficiency and security in their exchanges. Bolivarcoin was brought into the world as a drive to advance the utilization of a money...See full review

Bolivarcoin is a wallet app.

Bolivarcoin, as the name implies, is a Venezuelan cryptocurrency. Money is designed to reduce the impact of emergencies. As we all know, Venezuela's economy is in a dire state, despite its bad state. It is planned to strengthen the economy with...See full review


Being more user-friendly, creating a social media campaign, and following the ideals created by others are key to this company. At the same time, it is the currency in front of the digital economy that underlies the movement of your money without...See full review

It built a barrier to the economic crisis

Bolivarcoin, as the name suggests, is a cryptocurrency based in Venezuela. Transaction fees for transactions with Bolivarcoin are very low. As we know, the Venezuelan economy is in a bad shape, although it is a sad situation. It is aimed to...See full review

BolivarCoin, as creole as the arepa

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way the world economy is working, because you are your own bank. Cryptocurrencies have been created to offer an alternative to the banking model, they are governed according to a different structure that cannot be...See full review


Bolivarcoin is a cryptocurrency from Venezuela, it is a virtual currency designed to be like other altcoins and also aimed at making it user friendly. Bolivarcoin which is also called BOLI, is worth about $0.021, it is a cryptocurrency that aims...See full review

a currency facing the digital economy

Fiat money has lost a significant part of its users due to the emergence of cryptographic platforms that demonstrate efficiency and security in their transactions. Bolivarcoin was born as an initiative to promote the use of a currency that...See full review

Bolivarcoin (BOLI): is a Venezuelan cryptocurrency project that arose as a result.

Bolivarcoin (BOLI): is a Venezuelan cryptocurrency project that arises from the need I financial instability suffered by this country, its commercial bet brings with it a currency that are thinking for topo type of use, commercial, business and...See full review