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Review on Counos Coin by José A Rodríguez

Provinding Multiple Services to the Open Global Crypto Market

Just a few blockchain projects currently existing are the ones that provide wide service support that goes beyond that simply offering an operative cryptocurrency. They are so well-structured that crypto believers claim them as a totally useful network. There is a relatively new one that has assembled an excellent and open gateway.

Counos is a kind of decentralized blockchain currently offering great service to crypto users. It is an option to consider since it shares good features and benefits. Besides being an official coin network, it also offers multiple services that are highlighted below in the way of benefits:

- Premium Security and Customer's Assurance. The providers of this blockchain firmly believe in the privacy of its users. So they implemented the Escrow service to make it more operative at the time it is reliable and secure. It works as part of a third-party that guarantees processes inside the network.  

- Automatic Secure Wallet. This storage service functions as part of the entire Escrow service, and it is adept to easily manage the Counos tokens. The fact is that this type of wallet saves a historic process through all transactions executed since it was released privately, but before being operative this is required.

- Financial Service Provider. It is multi-operative and structured with great support to help users. This is the kind of Personal Professional Blockchain belonging to financial freedom.

- Multi-currency support. The wallet previously explained not only brings users the chance of knowing more about Counos tokens but also they can store and trade other of the most useful coins.

This blockchain has little time in the market. It was launched at the beginning of last year, but it is promising to grow rapidly as a multi-functional service and possibly become a top blockchain. Personally, the fast coverage of this cryptocurrency network is impressive. This wide blockchain illustrates the way it will be placed in the market.

As final advice, remember to read the available white paper of this blockchain to know more about how it works. However, it is a great experience listed in the best of blockchains.

The picture below illustrates the starting view of how the wallet is set up. It shows a line with current version and the process of installing.

Pros & cons

  • The download service is active for the wallet that is available for iOS and Android. There is also a chance to get in touch with the Counos coin core.
  • Great mining pool service available in its last version, 0.15.3. The mining pool is operative to find the counos blocks containing at least 500,000 CCA tokens.
  • The core wallet is available for the different operative systems of Windows as well as Linux and OS.
  • There are currently eight existing coins belonging to Counos. The system offers a wide set of exchanges all partnered directly to the core of Counos.
  • Excellent support and news through social media. They are currently in the three major networks of the most coverage.  
  • Frequently updating the wallet without showing a faster speed.
  • The official blockchain is available only in the English language. There are no options to change the language or see the available ones.