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About Edgeless

Edgeless is the first Ethereum’s smart contract powered casino developed to fix the pain points of casinos as house edge and lack of transparency. It is a next-generation casino built on the Ethereum blockchain where all key operations are regulated by autonomous smart contracts, giving users a fully transparent experience. Edgeless is a transparent casino in the online world offering 0% house edge in comparison to 0.5-15% on other online casinos.

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Casino with a Good Development (not Global)

Edgeless Casino is an innovation in the world of bets that looks for promoting new ways of getting with total access to a bank into the casino. It is just impressive because it is boosted by the own…See more

Edgeless: Small but good gaming platform.

Very small casino, but that doesn't mean at all that it's bad for it, the important thing is the quality of the games, the security, speed, facility in the payments and the customer service, it's…See more

Bringing a major change to the gambling industry.

It also fetching transparency to the casino game, which has traditionally been a major problem in online casinos. Also, in the case of one of its uses bankroll stacking. Once it is working popularly…See more

Bringing transparency to the casino game.

With Edgeless, users will have access to an online gambling market that is completely transparent and preferable to the opaque systems they are still dealing with. It doesn't really compete with any…See more

In general, this project is a decentralized virtual casino with which we will…

In general, this project is a decentralized virtual casino with which we will be able to bet and obtain winnings for this, the game is extremely impartial and the bets made on the platform can be…See more