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Review on Feellike by LUIS RIVERO R

This project does not have considerable movements.

In theory, this is a kind of oracle cryptocurrency price chain that will allow the connection of various services, in addition to having a social networking service available on various devices (download links disabled.)

The main problem represented by using this service is related to its development and updated data, there are no official information or news media. Some of his social networks were deleted.

It has practically no market volume in 24 hours.

In general, if you are thinking of investing in this asset, you should do your own analysis and decide on its usefulness (personally, it has no use, no market, no data from its developers)

Pros & cons

  • This project in general seems to be out of order.
  • His trade barely reaches $ 30 a day.
  • It barely has about 160 active wallets (holders)
  • Some links within your website are out of order.
  • The social network account for this project was deleted.