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Review on Fera by jesus ruiz

FERA, helping you choose the best way to invest your cryptocurrencies

FERA is a platform that offers customized trading strategies for cryptocurrency users interested in microcaps and highly speculative assets.

FERA selects small-cap projects, providing full reviews and ratings. They then perform technical and fundamental analysis, fund management and short-term price forecasts that provide users with a clearer view of investments to participate in.

FERA only analyzes promising projects with long-term potential and identifies those that are determined to show the necessary robustness to survive market volatility, so that its users can invest with confidence.

The platform issues monthly reports that keep users updated on trends and the most likely microcaps in the market.

In addition, the FERA team collects and models market data to save users time, effort and stress in keeping up to date.

Pros & cons

  • The service is suitable for both veterans and newcomers.
  • The platform has strict criteria in terms of exchange listings, mint supply and volume.
  • The platform issues monthly reports that keep users up to date.
  • none at this time