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Review on Fera by Robiul Islam

All you need to know about Fera Platform.

The Fera is a very useful platform for crypto space, it is to build a huge, solid ecosystem of traders, investors, developers, analysts, marketers, and crypto lovers. Fera is still quite unknown, it has been a promising project but somehow they are really bad at marketing their product.

I would like to mention some more concerns, I have tried to use the platform, although they say that the platform can be used only by connecting the wallet but I noticed that if there is no 200.000 FERA token then no project analysis can be seen. They could design the platform for free users with some limitations, Maybe they will change their plans in the future but at the moment I don't think it works for me.

I like the project, think it is a great idea. Just being realistic at the moment, there is not much evidence. Fera will actually be profitable for new projects. It's a totally untapped angle. Fera will help a lot of investors in early projects.

Overall, the reason my review rating is low is that the platform is not yet fully functional, and the number of projects listed here is quite small, but I am optimistic about the project, the project is on the right track and it is also a reliable team, now it remains to be seen how successful the Fera team can be in the future.

Pros & cons

  • The platform is quite effective in terms of investment.
  • The team is super active which is a positive sign for the overall Fera project.
  • Premium plans are available at very low cost.
  • For those who are new to crypto space and invest randomly, the Fera platform is quite useful for finding potential projects.
  • The platform is in beta mode.
  • There are a few projects listed, which cannot be accessed without a premium plan.