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Review on Gnosis by Pedro O. Alvino M.

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decentralized preaching market

Through the Gnosis platform, third-party developers can create betting applications on anything: from sports results to elections, celebrity gossip and stock market values. Other users can bet on the outcome of the event, with the data collected during the betting process used to create a prediction.

However, being focused on the market of predictions since other projects points to this goal because of this Augur is one of the projects that have the same purpose, which will be difficult for Gnosis to succeed in its future.

  • Decentralized preaching market based on the Ethereum chain.
  • Present a wallet on the platform that supports multifirms.
  • Your token is available in several exchanges with great experience.
  • I present a successful launch of your token for sale.
  • The lack of work equipment on the platform is noted, since its mail service is very late.

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