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Review on Holo by Mr Benji

Holochain better Blockchain?!

1. Team - The team is passionate as it is in open-source projects. You can read between the WhitePaper and GreenPaper lines that there are many specialists in the areas of: mathematics, software engineering, financial and social engineering.

2. Chains?! - An interesting model of the same holochain with single hash chains instead of the scattered blockchain book.

3. JavaScript - JavaScript programming language gives hypothetically a large range of adaptation as opposed to Solidity. There are more developers on the market who are familiar with JS than with Solidity

4. Variable amount of circulation - The quantity will be regulated by itself through the simple exchange mechanism. Holo Reserve -> Application Provider -> Host -> Holo Reserve. Each time the host pays the right amount of Holo Fuel on the Holo Reserve account, the appropriate amount of coins will be removed from circulation and converted into any other currency. In this way, the negative balance on the reserves will also decrease. In the other direction, if the Application Provider or User wants to purchase Holo Fuel from Holo Reserves, the negative condition will increase on the Holo Reserve account and the amount of Holo Fuel in circulation will increase.

5. Older than BTC? - Holo as an organization is older than Bitcoin, apparently the project of cryptocurrencies and the Holo ecosystem was created a long time ago regardless of Bitcoin.

6. Better than blockchain?-

Lightness of the network - you do not have to store a heavy transaction book in each node, you do not need to save the network status from the previous block for the entire network.

Not all network nodes must see all transactions as it does in a blockchain network. This solution allows scalability to grow as the network users (nodes) grow in exactly the same way as in Tangle IOTA. DHT is responsible for the correctness and security of the transaction, ie a scattered hash table (the hash table is very small compared to the blockchain transaction book, besides it is stored in the form of shredded, ie pieces scattered throughout the network), a solution that has been working perfectly well among other things in P2P networks such as BitTorrent .

No standard PoS, no standard PoW, which forces the network to some kind of consensus. Each user confirms the transactions of other nodes from "his" environment on his own hash chain.

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- RedGrid featured in a major Australian newspaper, the AFR!

- Introducement of HoloPort with major benefits like: (Cross-Platform Support, Standardized, Hassle-Free Tools, Easy to Customize and Extend Functionality

- MVP Implementation of Signals Adds Automatic Refresh to Chat Apps

Pros & cons

  • The project is very polished in detail.
  • Passionate Team
  • Single hash chains
  • JavaScript
  • A very extensive GitHub and project documentation.
  • Variable amount of circulation coins is an interesting and new approach
  • Older than bitcoin?
  • Holochain
  • FAST
  • Can Variable amount of circulation coins slow down the price increase?