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Review on ICON by Toprak Dere

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About ICON

ICON is the first cryptocurrency platform used by South Korean universities. Students have smart vending machines that can be used for daily payments and school transfers. It can be said that the Sensitive Health Information System is also a method developed to increase data integrity and to support in-hospital data exchange between leading institutions in South Korea's healthcare services. The project, which is a milestone in medical information management, achieved even more success with the development of a blockchain-based digital signature system.

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  • ICON's blockchain technology is also used in the real world, such as banks, securities firms, hospitals, and universities.
  • A transparent management system and an artificial intelligence-driven incentive system are at the center of ICON's sustainable network. Thanks to the mutual trust gained through this system, the number of people who will actively contribute to the ICX community will also be large.
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