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Review on IOTA by Halil Eren Kılıç

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The star of the future IOTA

IOTA is a very secure and fast cryptocurrency that I and most people use, that allows communication and payment between computers on the Internet. The aim here is to use any technological device that can connect to the internet; smart phone, tablet, computer and smart watch etc. to make mutual communication tools more useful, faster, safer and able to perform more than one transaction at the same time. I also use this system and I enjoy it very much because the size of the operation I will do does not matter, no matter how large the size is, IOTA is free. Besides being free of charge, I can safely perform multiple transactions at the same time. While doing these, I thought there was a blockchain system behind it, but I was surprised that IOTA did not use blockchain. However, this system uses the Tangle system. As the number of transactions increases in the Tangle system, the transaction speed also increases. This is what makes IOTA special. The transaction volume and value may be low now, but I think it will be very valuable in the future.
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  • First project not using blockchain
  • Fast processing
  • Very safe system
  • Too low in value
  • Transaction volume is very small compared to other rip coins

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