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Review on NAGA by José A Rodríguez

Naga: Hybrid Exchange for two Financial World's living as One

The market of cryptocurrencies is indeed big but still small in front of the real-world's finances. So, investors planned to create new sites to receive interactions of assets with kind of hybrid options for crypto and fiat. Naga is a company that works under those parameters and is offering complete help for traders and new sellers. This site provides trustworthiness, and real customer support when required.

The following points are some advantages to this exchange offer. They help some interested users to get the real meaning of trading in a platform like this.

- Globalization of Payments. Since this exchange works as a complete trading platform giving benefits for crypto and fiat, users discovered that most of their transactions get the global price listed in the most reliable exchanges. So, this platform follows a good pattern that looks to reduce volatility while everyone has access to it at any time. Besides, it has an excellent language administration for different countries and provides information in two global languages; English and Spanish.

- External blog Charged with Reliable News. This platform is very informative, and the company believes they can promote their services with more success if some current news makes part of the services. There, users can read and discuss diverse topics of facts that are affecting the world of finances.

- Reliable Featured Market. If users think this exchange is just a common gate for sending and receiving money, they're wrong. Here, they also receive support when want to know about the pairing of tokens to fiat, and also have access to a dashboard that highlights some rates for it. They try to reduce prices in fees to see the real value of the assets.

- Operative Wallet to Connect directly with the Exchange. Even when users finish their transactions in the trading field, they'll need a secure place where to store (for a while) their acquisitions. The team developed a good wallet to store tokens and national currencies safely. It does not attach any type of commissions.

As users can see, Naga is an Exchange with relevant features and multiple functionalities. Despite the low trajectory it has had in the marketplace, the service might become a better option in the future.

For now is good to mention it is receiving great support from its customers and partners. Personally, I could say this company wants to keep promoting more services as soon as they acquire a new level in the market. So, I suggest users have it as an option even when they work with other services.

Pros & cons

  • Low fees for trading. It reduces the volatility of tokens and provides good liquidity for most of them. The commissions can be managed with ease because they're not so high.
  • Fair and real referral program. Users that time trading in the platform can invite other friends to join and receive some good incomes or offers when the users invited to get registered.
  • It has a public disclaimer to trust in the security it offers. Perhaps it is not as powerful as the ones used in high-quality services but it works properly.
  • Good features for trading, and additional tools that make it a site with great advantages.
  • The limit of tokens is too small. The company must open the gate for new additions. This fact reduces the chances of having a big community of traders.