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Review on Numeraire by Mayra Coba

Artificial intelligence cryptocurrency for scientific data

Numeraire is a cryptocurrency created by Numerai. It is designed and dedicated to what machine learning is. It creates an investment fund with artificial intelligence and is considered the first cryptocurrency in the world issued by an investment fund.

It started as a platform, within which opinions were given on digital currencies, these opinions were issued by experts on this new topic. These experts, specialize in the technological economy, which is what in itself gives life to cryptocurrencies, after having gained an audience interested in said economic structure, they decided to expand.

The reason for its creation is because most financial organizations are not working together to profit, but rather it is competitive. Numerai develops this system that will allow the encrypted and anonymous blockahin with its technology to work to improve machine learning with what is artificial intelligence.

As I said before, it works with artificial intelligence, thus building an investment fund that operates anonymously and with data collected from scientists. They will create models for machine learning and also know how to best trade with financial security. In addition, they will receive compensation.

Numeraire token is ERC20, scientists will be able to receive this digital currency steadily for performance in machine learning competition. The page helps cryptocurrency in a great way, since, being a site for experts on the subject, it greatly favors it that it appears among the most feasible to make purchases or investments, or to trade.

In general, this platform is significant and will be of great help with the artificial intelligence technology that you have for machine learning, in addition to helping in the management of mutual funds.

Pros & cons

  • It seeks to monopolize intelligence, data, money and then decentralize. NMR are used as a reward for users of scientific data. Cryptocurrency increases the community of data scientists and improves the quality of the intelligence provided.
  • Their token price performance has been excellent, but has not increased further. It is a betting chip.