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About Numeraire

A global artificial intelligence tournament to predict the stock market.

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Artificial intelligence for machine learning

Numeraire (NMR) is a cryptocurrency created on the basis of Ethereum with the aim of solving the main problems specifically in what are machine learning skills. Artificial intelligence is used to…See more

Numeraire: Blockchain's technology at the service of the stock markets.

Complex project in which advanced users will be able to access to artificial intelligence tools to predict the behavior of the stock market, according to the degree of certain predictions the user…See more


Numeraire Blockchain as a decentralized system has ease users task of paying expert using forex forecasting signals, Numeraire a decentralized blockchain project integrated with artificial…See more

Numeraire with skin in the game

Before expanding to the development of NUMERAI project, I must emphasize that its graphic design are exceptional: The Black and White illustrations are very well achieved making a perfect contrast…See more

Artificial intelligence cryptocurrency for scientific data

Numeraire is a cryptocurrency created by Numerai. It is designed and dedicated to what machine learning is. It creates an investment fund with artificial intelligence and is considered the first…See more

Numeraire (NMR): is a science and data processing project.

Numeraire (NMR): is a science and data processing project given thanks to the modeling of the stock market, all its ecosystem is inspired by a clean design in a direct way without anything…See more

Numeraire: a tool for successful market predictions

The cryptographic market has hundreds of digital currencies with important utilities, but, however, there are few that maintain a stable value; which translates into a high risk of economic loss for…See more

project that makes money by predicting the stock market

The Numerai project helps us design the hedge fund by providing a model for our exchanges. Also the modeling job can be done for free. The main reason for this is that it is hidden. However, when I…See more

Predicting to Earn Incomes in Cryptocurrency

Through a series of algorithms designed and supported by the Python Programing Language, the Numeraire Network looks to transcend all windows of common innovation. The particularity of this project…See more

Numeraire (NMR)

Numeraire (NMR), is a crypto currency that maintains good performance in the exchange platforms, this maintains active trade and good volume of daily purchase, from various platforms of digital…See more