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Review on Numeraire by Gabriel Medina

Artificial intelligence for machine learning

Numeraire (NMR) is a cryptocurrency created on the basis of Ethereum with the aim of solving the main problems specifically in what are machine learning skills.

Artificial intelligence is used to build an intelligently autonomous hedge fund that operates privately based on scientifically collected data from anonymous data. This technology will ensure that scientists do not see any details of the company. Although, they will be able to create machine learning models, analyze transactions and know how to better negotiate financial securities.

In conclusion, Numeraire would be an original platform that motivates users to develop intelligent automatic learning algorithms in order to generate investment funds.

Pros & cons

  • Use artificial intelligence to collect data and try to give the best results.
  • Easy to use interface where users can integrate quickly and understand everything in detail.
  • It will motivate users to work on the platform.
  • Few exchanges associations and the cryptocurrency cannot be used for mining.