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Review on Numeraire by Mismo Monster

Numeraire with skin in the game

Before expanding to the development of NUMERAI project, I must emphasize that its graphic design are exceptional: The Black and White illustrations are very well achieved making a perfect contrast with the well-chosen typography colors; Perfectly reflects the founders vision; Which you could read about on their White Paper, published on february 20, 2017.

In short, the vision is: Helps distinguish good from bad information and create instant trust among two strangers.


The info-creator stakes some money; If these info doesn't work a part of the stake will be destroyed; If it works, the creator will be rewarded. This helps individuals or corporations to be more trustworthy; That's why they titled on their web project "A way of being believed".

This is an Artificial Intelligence protocol integrated into the Ethereum Blockchain by three elemental parts:

  1. Erasure Bay: A marketplace for all kinds of information. But destroy the stake or receive good results is not for free, when you are requesting on the Erasure Bay. You have to set a reward/punish ratio before do a request. To perform the search in the browser, you must connect to your Authereum account (If you dont have one yet, activate it will takes less than a min) Then add funds, in any of the 12 supported coins (DAI, TUSD, USDT, USDC, ETH, MKR, BAT, ZRX, GRID, LINK, NMR & WETH). If you want to take a look to some of his very curious data, you could find some of it on his Twitter account.
  2. Numerai Signals (Now in Beta): Is an "ongoing tournament to gather Russell 3000 stock predictions" to predict "the problem of predicting the stock mkt". Where you can do your submissions after watch a 5 mins video; You can check his dystopian trailer of only 55 seconds on Youtube with the title Introducing Numerai Signals.
  3. Numeraire a.k.a. NMR: Numer + AI = Is the token developed by Erasure to "measure the trust of anonymous competitors" on a staking prediction protocol to filter predictions from data scientists. was listed on Coingeko on july 12, 07.

In the last three weeks to the publication of this review, the NMR price dropped around fifteen positions according to the market cap. But don't be fooled by that fall, this ERC-20 Token circulates in more than 30 exchanges besides Coinbase with the most solid currencies pairs as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT; USD, GBP, EUR. Yobit is the DEX with more pairs (Seven); Doge and Waves among them.

Are 5,203,283 NMR circulating from 11,000,000 of the total supply. It's highly attractive for hodlers, traders and cryptoenthusiasts for the little circulating and the high capitalization potential further the staking rewards.

Close to turning 4 years in the DeFi world, Numeraire is without a doubt, one of the most useful and complete projects ; The expansion possibilities of this protocol are very wide; developers can use their API or create DApps that implement this protocol or browser plugins to complement searches.

Its proposal is unique in the market, it boldly solves an area that had not been covered before; But this is only for visionaries and courageous; There is my opinion and as Richard Craib, Numerai´s Founder says "Opinions are Numerai’s"!

Pros & cons

  • A funy way staking
  • An innovative proposal
  • Few Tokens circulating
  • Totally cyberpunk design
  • A distinctive form of exchange that only the brave dare (for the moment) to explore.
  • It would be nice if it could connect to metamask??