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Review on Numeraire by Amos joseph



Blockchain as a decentralized system has ease users task of paying expert using forex forecasting signals, Numeraire a decentralized blockchain project integrated with artificial intelligence system pave a forum for users especially expert on market analysis, stock exchange analyst to get rewarded for making predictions on either current market price or future prices.

Interestingly programmers can take advantage of the project and write script programmable language supported by python programming. Numeraire serve as a market guide for users to keep track of basic stock market movement allows staking which interested users can earn good return on staking their asset on the platform. data learning and shearing transaction can be carried out directly on the platform support exchange platform although few exchange support NMR tokey which is an ERC20 ethereum base token.

Numeraire platform is well recognize and recommended it's has recognize partners in crypto technology it's social platform is quite encouraging with active users and quick response.

Pros & cons

  • Numeraire isn't just an investment platform it guide investors on market movement by predicting market price.
  • Allows staking, programmable language, data learning and shearing, making transaction and Exchange
  • Well recognize platform with high profile blockchain partners has an active support service.
  • Platform yet to be known my users low popularity in the crypto space.