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Review on Numeraire by Douglas Cachazo

Numeraire: Blockchain's technology at the service of the stock markets.

Complex project in which advanced users will be able to access to artificial intelligence tools to predict the behavior of the stock market, according to the degree of certain predictions the user will receive rewards in his token NMR.

As a developer in the Phyton language I took the time to check the tools available to build your predictions, the code is available. You create your predictions and send them, it seems like an easy thing to do but it really isn't. The tools are developed by a framework called django, which allows me to develop these tools, I assume because of the complexity of these. Even knowing phyton it's going to take you a good time to get your hands on the tools to be able to send your predictions.

I'm not saying that it's bad, what I mean is that it's not for everyone, you need to have a solid knowledge of Phyton and django to be able to handle the tools better

The learning curve is slow. But if I consider that if you have the time and you dedicate it to this you can see the fruit of the time and work invested.

Pros & cons

  • Good financial reward for predictions
  • Currency available on some exchanges
  • Acceptable MNR capitalization volume
  • To have more complete and clear information on its website
  • Only for very experienced users with knowledge of object-oriented languages like Phython