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Review on OAX by Toprak Dere

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About OAX Coin (OAX)

OAX Coin (OAX) is a project that set out with the idea that the decentralized financial sector and digital assets will become the foundations of mainstream finance and commerce in the future. Founded in 2017, the OAX Foundation believes that the decentralized finance sector can replace even traditional finance in the following years and has taken on the task of supporting important actors and projects in this sector. As the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance industry develops and changes, the number of people looking for solutions outside the traditional financial ecosystem is increasing, and the development of this technology is thus accelerating. Although the new industry initially had many constraints and shortcomings, it is now included in the DeFi world, especially in the traditional finance sector, such as lending, lending and so on.
In addition, the OAX Foundation strives to provide support in the DeFi area through tools, technology, applications and community support.

OAX's low market value ranking discourages users from investing in cryptocurrency. However, its promise and potential cannot be ignored.
The idea of ​​a decentralized crypto exchange platform that still retains the benefits of a centralized model such as risk assessment and a regulated dispute management system is a remarkable idea, and such an exchange is doomed to increase in demand in the emerging crypto world.

The team behind OAX appears to be a promising team, each experienced in their respective fields and extremely enthusiastic in developing the platform. In addition, because it is open source, the community is also involved, making the development of the platform an active process.
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  • Since it is the token of a platform that has been serving since 2017, it is seen that the comments made about the OAX coin are generally based on trust. On the other hand, with the Binance listing, it is seen that both the price and the popularity of the OAX coin have increased.
  • Although decentralization is the heart of the concept of “cryptocurrency” in particular, OAX recognizes that not every function of commodity exchanges can be decentralized. Instead, OAX tries to integrate the best features of the centralized exchange model, while security, credit risk assessment, structured dispute resolution, etc. It tries to make some important improvements to achieve the benefits of decentralization such as.
  • future is bright and roadmap is perfect
  • none