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pBTC making synchronization of Bitcoin with other blockchains effortless

Bitcoin has over the years gathered so much popularity and fame so much that virtually all blockchains are trying to infuse bitcoin in order to make headway in the cryptospace. Ever since the…See more

The name of the giant innovation in the cryptocurrency world is pTokens

By moving crypto assets on different blockchains to Ethereum and Eos, pToken has recently attracted incredible attention, opening the way for use in exchanges and providing the opportunity to use…See more

BTC pTokens a direct BTC-ETH link

Since the appearance of the first cryptocurrency, new projects have emerged unstoppably that are surpassing a large part of the previous currencies in terms of functions, security and compatibility…See more

Ptokens BTC review

If you notice, transfer between blockchains different from each other use to be very delaying and also transaction fees and rates are high and Ptokens BTC is an ERC-20 token, it is on the…See more

Facilitate the exchange of assets while maintaining their stability

The platform of this digital currency called pTokens BTC facilitates the exchange of Bitcoin in a stable way, which means that 1 pBTC is worth the same as 1 BTC. Also that's not all, it will allow…See more

pTokens to facilitate the support of cryptocurrencies such as BTC

The platform of this digital currency has the mission of having a significant stability in its native currency, maintaining itself since digital currencies are currently always in constant risk of…See more

My thoughts and experiences on pTokens BTC.

PTokens BTC related It tokenizes assets such as RTH, LINK, LTC through the EOS network, with the pTokens ecosystem that allows transactions on these networks by tokenizing different assets such as…See more

Ptokens BTC: removing barriers between chains

Because digital currencies are in constant risk of loss of market value; Cryptors have focused their goals on achieving linkage mechanisms to other stable assets to maintain their value. BTC…See more

pTokens BTC PBTC: Platform for exchange between Ethereum and non thereum chain

The dizzying advance of blockchain technologies coupled with the intelligent contracts of the ethereum chain has brought the ability to develop many applications or decentralized Defi and the…See more

Interoperability is a key

The first thing to say about pBTC is that it is developed to overcome the limitations that exist between the native tokens of the Ethereum blockchain, EOS and the BTC ecosystem. This characteristic…See more