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Review on Revain by Adejoh Samuel

The Revain Platform Welcomes New Revainers

Before now, few people dived into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network entirely. Most people had the fear of the fact that everything you have to do on the blockchain network can be done virtually. Making physical contact not necessary. The blockchain network has simplified everything, think about the blockchain games, their exchange platforms, the cryptocurrencies, their mining pools, casinos and every other thing that is embedded in the blockchain network. All these services are available in their diversity but there is a problem. The fact that everything needed to do can be done virtually has made it more prone to hackers than it should. Today, the number of scam sites happens to be more than the authentic ones. Most people out there make illegal money under the name of some popular company or so. This has called for a solution provider to this.

Introducing you to one of the few authentic reviewing site, Revain. It is a decentralized platform that has been in existence since 2018. They tend to gather knowledge and past experiences about a company from some set of people called "Revainers." The information provided by Revain includes personal experiences which would help guide new people or investors to turn blockchain network because it is usually said that "experience is the best teacher."

I got introduced to this platform by a friend who revealed to me how I would be able to put the knowledge I have about the blockchain network to good use. He told me of their fairness and authenticity and how he has enjoyed their competitions and other stuffs (and presently I have seen and confirmed all these things). I started reviewing projects and automatically joined the big and welcoming Revain family. They have their Telegram group where questions and Blockchain topics are laid down, people from other countries interacts and share ideas of cryptocurrencies.

For every work done, their is surely a reward. The Revain platform has also considered that true and has put it into practice. They reward reviewers or Revainers for high quality reviews written with their in-built stable coin, RVN which has the same value as the United States dollars. This stable coin is exchanged for an REV token and can be traded on many exchange platforms today (as they have experienced major advancements last year).

Not minding how much advantages this project has, it also have some improvements to make. First is their interface. This beautifully designed user interface suffers something, speed. I have been affected by this so many times as it takes longer than it should for my pages to load and other times it don't load at all, until I reopen my browser. Honestly, I prefer their old site to the one I'm seeing now. Another thing is their support team. I feel the team suffers constant change as sometimes my questions recieves fast and warm answers while other times it takes longer. Their customer support can be contacted via Telegram or email but I prefer their Telegram services to email.

If you're looking for where to invest your knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network, then the Revain site should be an option as they have proven that to me. They are presently welcoming new Revainers to the family and the registration process is fast and easy. Just your email address and the confirmation of it is required after which you are free as a bird to write a review.

Pros & cons

  • They connect people from different places
  • They offer authentic and personally experienced reviews
  • They show a high level of sincerity in their payments for high quality reviews
  • The project can be used to support new projects out there (as they can be used as the companies of the week)
  • They make competitions available with rewards for successful completion of them
  • Their interface is beautifully designed and can be easily operated
  • Their site can be translated in Chinese
  • The Revain family are very welcoming and warm hearted
  • Their support system takes time to reply or doesn't at sometimes
  • Their interface slows down sometimes ND stops loading at other times