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Review on Revain by francis fernandez

Revain: the information platform that connects authors with blockchain entrepreneurs!

Revain is a platform dating back to 2018, based on the Ethereum blockchain that works as a decentralized review system for global crypto regulars.

Its main characteristic is the decentralization of its review mechanism; since it does not require the intermediation of any third party, be it a bank, government entity or other body for the operation of the platform.

What is the review mechanism used by Revain?

The revision system implemented by Revain is carried out in two parts:

1-First layer revision: in this step the revision is carried out through the filtering system using a computer equipment based on IA technology (RAF & Tone Analyzer Utilities).

2-Second layer review: In this phase the company makes the decision based on whether the review is correct or not.

Based on this review mechanism, partial storage of reviews is also carried out in smart contracts to guarantee the immutability of the information or to avoid alterations in them.

What is the Revain reward system?

The Revain platform has a modality of two tokens:

1-RVN Token: This token is for exclusive use within its Revain platform and was created in order to reward users who make up the community of companies and high-quality review authors, as well as to reprimand review writers low quality.

This token has a fixed value equivalent to 0.0001 Bitcoin. You can convert the RVN token to R token within the same platform. This consists of dividing the real value of the R token (in Bitcoin) by 0.0001 Bitcoin and then multiplying it by the amount of the holder's RVN token.

2-Token R: This token was created to serve as an exchange cryptocurrency and to raise funds during the ICO.

The Revain platform has an accessible menu consisting of 8 blockchain categories: Projects, wallets, exchanges, casinos, games, cards, mining pools, and training courses. Through the user review and rating system, companies are climbing positions in the classification.

Revain has become a platform that is continuously climbing positions in the cryptocurrency market because its platform is a source of high-quality and unpublished comments on products and services offered by the crypto industry

Pros & cons

  • Allows review authors to generate income in conjunction with learning about crypto market projects.
  • It allows followers of the blockchain industry to access high and first-hand information from authors qualified by the platform's review mechanism
  • Serve to integrate its authors through interaction on the platform and in live chat groups.
  • The value of your tokens can easily be converted to Bitcoin value; the most popular cryptocurrency on the market.
  • The platform is limited to the use of two languages: English and Chinese.