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Review on SCRIV NETWORK by Praise Olagbadun

Scriv Network, The Close To Perfection Project

I referred to the SCRIV Network as the close to Perfection project in my title because of the characteristic features it possess. It is a project that offers answers to the worldwide Blockchain difficulties. Unlike many other platforms, the SCRIV Network makes use of a unique algorithm, the Stake of Stake, SOS which has contributed to its great transaction speed. It is a project that equips people that are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency with a powerful and easy to use instrument. It also has a universal and cutting edge mining technology for the management of mining pools. It currently makes use of the Tribus mining protocol and DASH encoding for faster mining operations. It is known for its fast transactions and masternodes and supports more than 50 digital
The SCRIV Network has its token, the SCRIV which can be traded on CREX-24 and FEXPro

Pros & cons

  • Makes use of a completely different Algorithm, the Stake of Stake unlike other platforms that makes use of either the Proof of Work or the Proof Of Stake
  • Has its own mining application
  • It can be traded on a limited number of exchange platforms