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About Serum

Serum is the completely decentralized derivatives exchange with trustless cross-chain trading brought to you by Project Serum, in collaboration with a consortium of crypto trading and DeFi experts.

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Serum is a good medicine for DeFi

The Serum Project is a collaboration between the centralized derivatives trading platform FTX, and Solana, a blockchain of low-cost, high-speed, and interoperable smart contracts. The native token of the decentralized derivatives exchange Serum…See full review

The serum has three notes ...

Serum is a decentralized and uncontrolled DEX trading platform that will allow you to exchange chains where it is currently useful but not yet shipped, Serum has three symbols, Serum is a trademark covered with BTC. Stablecoin, SerumUSD, is an…See full review

The medicine of the crypto market is Serum.

SRM is the Serum exchange's own token. Users can earn SRM for the benefit they provide to the platform. SRM is actually at the center of the project. So if we say that the serum exchange is built on SRM, we would not be exaggerating. Users…See full review

Crypto trading with Serum Coin.

Serum, which is designed to process or increase chain liquidity, serves as a useful indicator to support metabolism. With the multi-directionality of the DeFi platforms, most of them have been configured via the Ethereum chain, and in this system…See full review

An unprecedented platform for crypto currencies.

Based on experience of using serum services, it is a desensitized exchange platform that offers an unprecedented services for users. it is a crypto currency exchange built on the Solana block Serum possesses powerful DeFi that are buzz to the…See full review

The project with a successful token: Serum

First of all, Greetings to everyone, Revain users, today I will share with you my review about the Serum crypto project, a crypto project that is a little behind in the crypto projects section. Thanks to all who read or not already. Serum…See full review

Serum: is a project based on business and collaborations between companies.

Serum (SRM): is a project based on business and collaborations between companies, its platform was designed for an objective use of the markets, counting directly with the blockchain network as a direct channel of information, it has very high…See full review

About Serum

SRM Coin, also known as Serum Coin, offers its investors or users a decentralized derivative exchange with trustless cross-chain transactions, together with a consortium formed by a crypto trading consortium and DeFi professionals. Trustless…See full review

Cross-chain exchanges based on the Solana chain.

A DeFi project based on the Solana blockchain, which with its native tokens from the Ethereum network will serve as a utility token to promote the operation of decentralized exchange between chains, which without further ado has potential in terms…See full review


Serum is a cross chain crypto trading platform with a decentralized blockchain project that allow users to enjoy the benefits of crypto trading with serum token users can hold, stake and trade other crypto pairs using the serum token. Serum token…See full review