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About TON Bridge

The FreeTON Bridge powered by Broxus is a сross-chain asset transfer consisting of a link between ETH and Free TON. The Bridge allows users to move liquidity bi-directionally from the Ethereum blockchain to Free TON, where it can be transacted with near-zero fees and at much higher speeds.

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It's time to Leave Ethereum and come to Free TON ecosystem by going through it's inexpensive Bridge.

Considering the high cost of gas transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, many have choose to go along with Ethereum competitors in order to interact with smart contracts enabled platforms. Free Ton as a blockchain has enabled smart contracts and...See full review

I want to tell you about the platform TON Bridge.

I want to tell you about the platform TON Bridge. at this point in time, platforms take large commissions. But there is a huge plus on this platform, a low commission. The security of the merit-based token distribution system is also reliable...See full review

Ton Body's successfully platform.

Ton Bridge has used a few projects to give this platform. I didn't like a mound designer of this platform Internet site. The opportunity and the opportunity to prevent the chances and can be large. This is the meaning of controls of the controls of...See full review

I think Ton Bridge is a successful and leveled platform.

Ton Bridge has recently launched a number of projects to offer solutions that allow for this platform. I didn’t like the website designer of this platform. The opportunity to finance and manage may be even greater. Although there are many users of...See full review

The success of this project has been possible thanks to high-level plans and strategies, so congratulations to the developer team.

Although there have been numerous advancements and improvements in this environment, there are still certain restrictions that prevent the user experience from being more efficient when conducting specific network activities, one of which is...See full review

Try TON BLOCKCHAIN to save your gas fee and invest it

The blockchain industry keeps growing every single day and each day we keep hearing about different projects and development on some of the already existing ones this has helped to reduces the obscurity and complexity of the system cause most of...See full review

I just discovered TON Bridge and I believe that my transactions on this platform will continue for a very long time.

TON Bridge is a platform that facilitates the transfer of tokens across the Ethereum and TON blockchain networks. I adore the fact that they began with the most widely used Blockchain network available today. Now, let's go into the specifics of the...See full review

I found it a lot of fun doing research on this project, I think with a little time it could become a pretty big project.

Technology is developing more and more, and thus, the cryptocurrency industry is constantly growing. I believe that one of the most successful and valuable proofs of this is the TON Bridge. This project was created with people in mind and continues...See full review

I can say that it is a very useful and excellent project.

Hello everyone, our topic today will be TON Bridge. Honestly, there isn't enough information about TON Bridge on the internet, but I did a pretty thorough research based on my own experience and user feedback. First of all, I have to say that the...See full review

From day one, the future of the task that has been put on my agenda with great success looks even brighter.

One of the moon bags. Ton Bridge is trying to use smart knees and function keys every month to allow advertisers to carry both sides. The input mechanism is primarily POS-based and allows users to manage the full environment because the product...See full review


Guide to Ton Bridge

What is TONBridge for?

At the moment, TONBridge has already implemented the possibility to transfer tokens from the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). In the near future, it will be possible to carry out similar operations with other blockchains, but for now let's focus on Ethereum.

In order to transfer your funds from Ethereum to Free Ton, you need to use the TON Bridge.

How to use TONBridge

First, install the TON Crystal Wallet browser extension by following this link -

After that, you can create a new wallet on the Free Ton network, or connect to an existing one. After that you can then connect your wallet with TON Bridge. To transfer ERC20 tokens, you must have a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens, either MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Do not forget that you need to deploy your Crystal Wallet before making a transaction in TonBridge. In order to deploy your Crystal Wallet, you will need a few TON (at least 1.1 TON). Once you have the TON on your wallet, you can press the Deploy button in extension.

You can find the complete user’s guide here -

Why transfer your tokens to Free TON?

Free TON is a fast-growing network with low commissions and with good earning opportunities.

For example, after transferring tokens from Ethereum to Free TON, you can use them for yield farming in one of the pools presented on Tonswap.ioAPY can currently reach up to 206%

You can check out the complete farming guide here - you can check Ton Swap page on Revain:

Still have questions?

Join the TON Bridge chat! You can ask the developers and the other members of our friendly community any questions you’d like: