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Review on TRON by Aman Arora

Tron Network a reliable open source network making its own mark in crypto space

Tron network is a leading open source network which works on Dpos system where users holding the Tron can vote on upgrades and improvements to be integrated. Tron network is one of the fastest way to sennd millions of funds online withoit fees and within seconds which makes it reliable and easy yo integrate with projects and online stores.

Tron is decentralized network which enable DAPP developers to create and utilize complex protocols via smart contracts. Tron network is way too cheaper and fast way to transact and send funds from one wallet to another and with low or very minimal transaction fees. Tron network was built with a purpose if decentralized internet and the pne which gives power to users run the internet.

TRON was launched in 2017 with an ICO for crowdfunding and within two years of launch Tron was amongst top 10 cryptos with market capitalization. TRX is a cryptocurrency which Dpos system whichbis delegated proof of stake which allow the users to stake their TRX to earn passive income and with 1:1 ratio which means more you stake more profit you make. Tron is available to stake almost on all staking platforms and wallets as well. Staking always allow a network provide stable ecosystem with liquidation to offer best trading environment and in a decentralized open source network staking more tokens will give you right to Vote in important decisions. Vote options is easily available on Tronlink pto wallet where you gain rights and energy for locking your tokens on the Network to make Tron network more reliable Liquid and balanced.

Tron token also acquires Bittorrent file sharing network and Polonidex Exchange where you can easily trade almost all the Trx pairs. Tronlink wallet is used to connect with the exchange and you easily Send trx to the wallet or any other available crypto to swap it into Trx and stake or use it the way you like. Almost all the Exchanges have Trx trading variables but Binance and poloniex is one of the exchanges with strong Volume and one can use these Exchange to acquire Trx token. Users can easily store TRX on mobile wallet or any Hardware wallet. Tron network is one of the easiest and low cost network to send funds online which can record upto 2k transactions per second but still it requires larger block size to record more transactions to be more compatible and reliable as Ethereum for mass adoption.

Pros & cons

  • High performing open source decentralized network without any songle authority controlling the project
  • Send funds in millions with ease and without waiting for hours to receive
  • Pos and Dpos Algorithms make users to earn by staking and involve in voting by holding Trx
  • Probably the best and higest used network for staking with continous growth of token price
  • Tron network has not filled up the promises and token has very slow growth inspite of staking wallet and no fees transactions