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Review on TRON by José A Rodríguez

The Power of a Digital Project Committed to Decentralized the Internet

Those blockchain projects that are committed to being unique in the crypto-world are the purpose to maintain a powerful idea of social change. Thousands of projects are aimed to serve different purposes worrying about all to unlock a financial balance, but others were created to support an abstract but necessary service for all. 

Beyond the Financial Value of Tron's tokens

Tron network has placed an excellent value not represented in finances, but in functioning, overall. It is a kind of project that established its token management under the TRC10 and TRC20. I like the great availability of these sorts of tokens. On one hand, the utility tokens TRX and BTT although share different purposes, both are commercial. 

However, trading with TRXs has not been so profitable yet. The current value of a TRX is under $0.0019. Perhaps, it is accessible to buy and convert into a stable token because as part of everything, the crypto-market is so volatile and changing. This is possible thanks to the partnership Tether has set on the Tron Network, and doing this could serve other purposes like executing operations within Dapps. By linking these tokens to the stable value converted in TRC20, users will even conquer amazing rewards. 

The TRX offers a diverse trading margin among hundreds of markets. Although the most useful are listed to it, others also are boosting the value of this web token according to general rates. 

Tron is a Necessary Alternative for the Digital Freedom Overall

The fact is that I understand the major purpose of the Tron of decentralizing the Internet, this would be the most valuable activities for the future of the digital world. The company has defined a great roadmap with well-balanced initiatives. The act of building a potent and unstoppable infrastructure for the current internet started from the first moment the project was released. 

A project is fully operative when it provides its users with well-developed and functional tools and products. Tron deals with all that and promotes a new blockchain that is constantly developing more and more. It counts with an amazing network and lots of programs chained to have a diversified platform. 

A Concluding Opinion

Many websites define the project as a world-leading network, I redefine it as a purposefully scalable blockchain. Transactions occur fastly, there are no losses while the customers know how the system works. Moreover, it is easy to find it in almost any exchange, and in the case of wallets, it presents great coverage in most of the partnered Ethereum products. 

Overall, the wallet products and coming releases are essential. The TronLink wallet is a mainstay of the blockchain and using it is easy to use. On the other hand, it represents a total world coverage. Although the most operative countries are based in North-America and Europe, professional individuals and enterprises from South America have also excellent opportunities. 

I keep in touch with new improvements for this blockchain, but until now it is a necessary network everyone must know.  I think the initiative of Tron is good for the future of our internet.

In the screenshot below I offer a personal view of my user's window in the blockchain. I think it is not updated at all, but the major issue is that it is just to have a balance of the Tron wallet. In general, that section should be updated and offer more about the smart-contracts and the operative nodes. However, that's not an issue but a design preference.

Pros & cons

  • A great alternative and unique idea to go beyond finances and operate freely to decentralize the internet. Until now it is still growing and expanding its services, but some outcomes have been established.
  • Excellent commercialization among the different TRON's tokens.
  • Highly recognized by operative individuals and decentralized enterprises. Moreover, it has an excellent partnership and a value on almost any exchange.
  • The project goes beyond being high among features. It is recognized as a well-developed network. Its entire purpose is easy to understand and every day is more the crypto-believers who join this blockchain.
  • Good margin of sales despite the not so high value of its tokens.
  • The user's platform is not so well-designed as the general view. It should offer more benefits and additions like statistics of the Tron tokens.
  • The value of its tokens is still short, even if they are part of little trading functions, they must grow.
Ceren Taskiran
November 06, 2020
Because TRON has a lot of media coverage and keeps itself on the agenda. This is due to the media marketing ability of its founder, or there is no mention of huge technological and commercial successes for Tron coin. In general, the Tron coin is not viewed as a very legitimate project by the majority of the crypto industry leaders.
Ceren Taskiran
November 06, 2020
Thank you for commenting on my review. you asked me a question. I am writing here to answer too. I want to answer this in a long way so I have to throw it in 2 parts. Up to 95% of successful ICOs will be garbage and harm their investors. The remaining 5% will continue. Will the TRON TRX coin be in this trash percentage? It is difficult to say frankly, but we can say that the probability is low.