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Vena Project has gone out of service. It's procured wallet application doesn't seem legitimate in my view

Vena, a crypto lending platform based on the Tron Blockchain in which uses collateralized your crypto holdings in order to facilitate borrowing off stablecoins from the platform. the project has…See more

It appears that Vena is in hiding, maybe some new developments are being done. Let's keep a close eye on this project

Vena, another promising crypto projects based on decentralized financing built on the Tron blockchain, this is basically what Vena was meant to be or used to be, currently the project that appears…See more

No explanation or innovation has been found recently.

The logic of the project to work in the market is to make it more common by lending to users and making a refund with their own token. However, although it has been on the market for a long time, it…See more

VENA: Project Without Support of its Creators

Vena is a project of geometric forces created in two languages by Chinese developers. It is like many others focused on financial activities that grant assistance to assets. It also permits to trade…See more

Project out of service.

Decentralized lending platform based on the TRX network, all this using its tokens, allowing the different digital assets as collateral. This entire project is decentralized (in theory) since…See more