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Review on Zcash by Moises G.

Review on Zcash.

It is highly involved with markets that still have a long road to overall adoption. The token is mostly for estimation purposes and is used by mine workers. Both of these parties, in general, do not worry about privacy and security, they are thinking about the profits they can bring tokens.

It has a strong team behind the project and it will remain so for at least a few years before the company will have to switch to a different funding scheme, and possibly transform its governance.

It utilizes complex cutting-edge cryptographic technology in order to allow private transactions for its users. Nevertheless, low adoption of privacy transactions indicates that most users either do not need privacy.

Pros & cons

  • Advanced privacy functions for users.
  • It has the potential to become a form of payment in the retails industry.
  • Current fees are amongst the lowest in the privacy coin sector.
  • It has been struggling to increase its market presence in the privacy coin sector.