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About zzz.finance

ZZZ is a community-centered DeFi-project, modeled to take the successful features of Yearn Finance (YFI), and improve upon them.

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ZZZ currency, which is a token of ZZZ Finance project, only 20,000 of them will be offered in the end. Its peak price is $ 1058, which happened in August, shortly after it was listed on coinmarketcap. In general, currencies whose price rises above…See full review

Zzz finance

The main benefit of the zzz project, which is the DeFi project, is that many monetary standards are supported in a similar way and in the pool. Their venture offerings (made with the help of the blockchain network) are of great value to the…See full review

ZZZ note.

ZZZ is a separate DeFi project for individuals. ZZZ’s selections and activities are carried out by individuals and localities to ensure value and decency for all. Everything was started by a single designer and is now being donated to the local…See full review

zzz. Finance

zzz. Finance is a project that has community development as it's top aim. It was founded on the 10th of August and has ever since experienced a steady growth or increase in it's community. This growth has been due to the fact that the platform…See full review

Zzz. finance, a highly community-focused Defi project.

One of the most valuable aspects of any project in the cryptographic environment is with respect to its governance system and the priority towards its community. This feature can make projects even more popular, as they have high drop rates, in…See full review

zzz finance

I first came across the phrase "Community-centered" in one of the telegram groups related to blockchain, and after inquiring about it, I found it interesting because the slogan of blockchain networks is that it is out of the control of an…See full review

Token to hold, Defi backed and governed by your community.

This is another DEFi platform, with the difference from others that is focused on community governance, for users who add liquidity will have profits in NAP the token that will function as fuel. It is important to note that all transactions and…See full review

Sleeping Finance

zzz finance has a funny ring to it's name, it indicates a sleeping finance or sleep and make money finance. The project was just launched this year but have received tremendous growth since inception. Being a Defi project, it has been experiencing…See full review

zzz finance ZZZ: financial

Unknown project due to the little dissemination of it on the net, its website with almost no relevant information about the project, as a computer professional and web developer I have as a rule that the website is the first and best advertisement…See full review

Review of zzz finance

In the zzz project, which is a DeFi project, the most important advantage is that multiple currencies are only supported in the same project and by their pool. Their investment offers (made with the help of blockchain network) are good proposals…See full review