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Therefore, as a proponent of cryptocurrencies and BLOCKCHAIN, I am constantly searching for intriguing, worthwhile initiatives that employ BLOCKCHAIN technology to address the challenges of centralization in the twenty-first century. I'm happy to report that several initiatives have made significant progress toward making decentralisation a recognised concept on a global scale. Genius Assets piqued my interest for this reason as well as many others. I could tell from a closer look at Genius Assets that the initiative was created and planned to aid bitcoin investors in purchasing real estate. This is undoubtedly a departure from the traditional strategy of investing primarily in digital assets. Because it differs significantly from other investing facilitators, this is incredibly excellent. Genius Assets offers a more adaptable investment portfolio. The GeniusX coin IUX, which is also available for investment through an ICO, manages the ecosystem. IUX is an ERC20 token that is based on Veja a crítica completa

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Bityar A multi-purpose and functional exchange

BitYard is a multi-purpose exchange for cryptocurrency and forex trading. The website has a simple design and of course a variety of dedicated applications are designed for traders. The exchange app is available for Windows, Mac, and all types of mobile operating systems. Of course, one of the drawbacks I saw in this section is that the iOS app must be downloaded from a site other than Apple's own App Store, which makes it difficult to trust the app. bityard has similar fees to other exchanges, despite its high features and the exclusive nature of some of its sections. The high loading speed of the pages on this website is excellent, and the designers of the website did not fill the space with slack, and this is smart, especially in sensitive trades, the loading speed is very important.Veja a crítica completa

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From the first time I became acquainted with the blockchain network, I thought its design was more like VPS and the transfer of cryptocurrencies was actually similar to using a VPN. Now, with my research on mysterium, I realized that this resemblance is more than I thought. mysterium is a unique network (of course in terms of network idea), with the help of this network, we can access a kind of VPN with blockchain technology! When using VPNs, I was always afraid of being stolen by my owners, because VPSs are actually centralized networks. But mysterium has a monopoly in this regard and with the help of blockchain network has provided a decentralized space in which information can not be stolen, ie there is no network owner.Veja a crítica completa

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The OmiseGo project actually wants to offer a payment network like paypal (in my opinion) where, of course, in addition to the payment network, organizations' financial accounts can also be organized with the help of this blockchain network. In general, due to the use of decentralized network and network transparency, it can be useful to prevent embezzlement and money laundering in organizations. The omisego project is a product of 2017, the ICO of which was held, but the manufacturer, omise, was established in 2013, which, in my opinion, means that the company's many years of activity have added to the credibility of this project, namely OmiseGo.Veja a crítica completa

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Enjin wallet is a secure online wallet in terms of security, and if I want to mention a number of special security features of enjin, we can mention the secure keyboard and encryption on it. This wallet, like most popular online wallets, has the ability to convert currencies, which of course does this with the help of external exchange platforms (such as changelly, bancor)Veja a crítica completa

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guarda wallet

guarda wallet can be used in different types of operating systems. For example, the desktop version is provided for linux, windows, macOS, and more interestingly, an extension for google chrome browser is also provided. The feature of this online wallet is that the wallet is completely decentralized and we are not worried that the guarda company will take our money for itself because it does not actually have access to our private keys. I found this wallet can also be synced with the ledger nano s hardware wallet and all the ledger nano s information can be viewed in it. In fact, two of the safest wallets, one online, one cold. Of course, due to the non-custodial nature of this wallet, I think it has the same security as hardware wallets.Veja a crítica completa

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ledger nano s

The two largest companies, ledger and trezor, are the most important manufacturers of hardware wallets. To compare ledger nano s wallet, I want to compare the manufacturer with trezor, which considering that trezor has been working in this field for a long time and ledger entered the industry in 2014, but there are two main competitors and I I know people who strongly accept the security of ledger wallets. Working with ledger nano s is very simple and it looks like a flash memory and I consider this an advantage that reduces the possibility of stealing its physical object (because thieves may not recognize that this is not a flash memory) The security of ledger nano s is so high that although many people keep their currencies in it, the security holes are almost unreported.Veja a crítica completa

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coinomi wallet

coinomi has a special focus on providing global services, so there are 168 fiat currencies available to buy cryptocurrencies on coinomi, and the app is available in a variety of international languages ​​(25 languages), which is a good feature. As soon as it supports this number of people and has been able to maintain the security of its system, it provides us with a very secure service. I used to think that this wallet was only for mobile wallets, but with the research I did now, I realized that this wallet is available for iOS, android, windows, linus and macOS systems, so almost all operating systems Considered famous.Veja a crítica completa

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qtum blockchain

if I want to do a classification for cryptocurrencies projects, a series of projects pursue specific goals such as a blockchain-based social network and so on, and the other category is currencies, and their only purpose is to provide virtual money. According to my research on QTUM, this project is in the second category. These projects do not matter much about ideas and other things about them, and I think the three important principles are only important in them. One is network security, the other is the speed and processing power of transactions, and the third is the transaction fee. QTUM, like ethereum, is a network that offers smart contracts, and because it aims to make crypto money, I think it is a successful project. Qtum is more secure than ethereum and also uses the PoS algorithm, which is better than the PoW that ethereum uses.Veja a crítica completa

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There are several different companies offering cold wallets or hardware wallets, so like before we only had a few choices, now we have several choices to buy a hardware wallet so it should be affordable for us all. Well, in my opinion, one of the most important features of a hardware wallet is its size and ease of carrying. According to the specifications written by trezor site about trezor one, this hardware wallet weighs only 46 grams and its length is only 6 cm, which in my opinion is one of the best options in terms of portability (I specify several wallets I have reviewed the hardware so far) Security plays a very important role in online wallets, but hardware wallets, in my opinion, because they all store information offline, so we can say that they are almost on the same level, and of course the security of trezor one has been proven in all respects. Is. The price of this wallet is almost lower than other hardware wallets, I have reviewed the wallets of famous companies in this Veja a crítica completa

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atomic wallet

With the help of atomic wallet, if you are not a daily and short-term trader and you can use this wallet both as a safe wallet and an exchange. I have installed this wallet on my iPhone and at the bottom of the software there are 5 categories that can easily help you choose your target. The exchange section is for converting cryptos to each other, and the buy section is for buying cryptos in national currencies, and a relatively large number of them can also be used.Veja a crítica completa

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bc vault

I like the classic look of this wallet, it is very simple and reminds me of old MP3s. The high number of supported currencies allows us, if we are an altcoins holder, to no longer need to keep any of them in online wallets. Of course, the high price of this wallet discourages me from buying it because, for example, the trezor one hardware wallet can only be purchased for around 48 euros, but the cheapest bc vault hardware wallet is around 131 euros.Veja a crítica completa

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In my opinion, blockchain wallet is the most secure online wallet. All user information is encrypted and it is possible to enable 2step login. The exchange part of this wallet is also very simple and reduces reasonable fees. I only use this wallet to store ethereum, because the number of currencies that can be stored in this exchange is less. Also, for example, wallets like uphold can make a profit by holding, so I only use blockchain wallet for high amounts that I am looking for good security.Veja a crítica completa

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I used this wallet when I had no knowledge of trading and cryptocurrencies (about 2 years ago). This wallet is quite like an account in an exchange and its security is almost (as far as I know) like famous exchanges like binance. Each time after changing the ip, this wallet asks us for confirmation by email. Of course, for a beginner in cryptocurrency, this wallet was very useful.Veja a crítica completa

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This wallet is a great wallet. I have used many cryptocurrencies wallets so far, but uphold has features that do not even exist in crypto exchanges. The large number of holdable currencies is one of its good advantages, as we no longer need to find a separate wallet for each currency. Unlike most wallets, which are either web wallets or have only mobile applications, uphold has both a web version and provides both Android and iOS applications. Another good thing is that it only benefits us by keeping currencies, which of course is not much profit, but in the end we want a crypto wallet to keep our cryptos.Veja a crítica completa

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neo blockchain

Because of the similarities between this project and the ethereum project, the neo blockchain is also referred to as chinese ethereum, and for this reason I intend to compare the two blockchains in my review. The main reason for their similarity is the possibility of registering smart contracts in neo, but for example the ethereum programming language is solditiy, which based on my research on this programming language, I realized that it is not easy to work with at all, and the advantage of ethereum compared to neo is that you can program for smart contracts even with popular and simpler languages ​​like java and C#. The most interesting thing about neo is that there is a separate token for transactions and it is given to neo holders called GAS and it can be sold separately. Each GAS is currently priced at $1.66 and is ranked 342 on the coinmarketcap.Veja a crítica completa

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The yobit exchange website has an old design that reminds me of online brokers from a decade ago. In addition to this old design, the website has certain problems that my browser page crashed several times when I visited this website. About 3 years ago, I once wanted to withdraw my litecoins, but the process took about several hours and the support was not very responsive.Veja a crítica completa

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The bitmex exchange is such that it has a different type from many other exchanges. Because they all have a small number of pairs, but those pairs have such a high volume of transactions that the trading volume of this exchange is like some exchanges that are several times this number of pairs. The principle of trading in bitmex is based on leverages and the only currency that can be kept is bitcoin, which is not a very good point.Veja a crítica completa

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I do not have much experience in poloniex exchange. But a year ago, when I had a problem when depositing cryptocurrency, I raised it with the support team and they solved the problem in a relatively short time, and I was satisfied with their performance. The top menus of the website divide the types of trade well, and it is easy to decide which type of trade we are looking for (because this section in some exchanges contains several separate sections, and sometimes we do not really know which option We have to choose) It has a long history of operating and has been operating since 2014, and this is a sign that it can be trusted to hold our assets.Veja a crítica completa

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btc-alpha is not the main exchange I use, but it has relatively good features. The demo trading section, which is easily accessible from the site menu, can be a higher education system for those who want to learn to trade on a trial basis. Of course, if the facilities of this exchange were more, it would offer more different types of trades, it could be one of the best. The security of this exchange is really good and by entering in two stages, you can safely keep your assets in it.Veja a crítica completa

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