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Review on Bank of America by Derek Isaac

This the worst customers services I've ever seen!

I was there this past Saturday mid noon and waited on line for over 40 minutes or more. They only had one bank teller working the long line that went around approximately 15 people. After waiting for almost 40 minutes and giving complaints to the manager herself than she decided to take customers service when she should have done that a long time. It's ashamed of being a large financial institutions branch to be understaffed with only 1 bank teller and the manager! What's very upsetting is that Bank of America is making a lot of profits of people finances and they can't afford to staff more tellers.

Pros & cons

  • The employees are very nice and professional and fast. I was in there for no longer than 30 minutes
  • I went there to open an account and the manager approved it. After that, I went home and It looks like my account was closed by the bank. The Manager emailed me at 10pm that my account was open.