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Review on Braintree by Adedamola Adeniji

Brain Tree One of the Best Payment Solution Provider I Know

When talking about global commerce tools investors need to build and grow business, one of such tool is Brain Tree.

Brain Tree fastracks payment on web, armed with compartibility with one time reccuring billing options

Brain Tree being a baby of PayPal with affiliations with Venmo, and reknown wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, brings to you seamless integration

I am quite new to Brain Tree but I can you with t you get easy and quick payment solution

It is available on web and Mobile app, I love mobile app especially android because I get to do business on the go.

In terms fee you don't have to pay at monthly charge, on Brain Tree you only pay for what you use. It supports payment in well above 130 currencies, Wich Brain Tree converts to deposit fund in USD for 1 percent fee charge.

Before choosing any payment solution provider, I always research its security system, Brain Tree protects you against fraudulent transactions, avoiding information leak while simplifying PCI compliance and it only shares payment information with tested and trusted partners.

Brain Tree has an easy sign up process, you just need to input your basic information, your desired currency you have about six options to pick from, fill the online volume, then click the agreement contact with Brain via call or

I strongly recommend Brain Tree to you

Pros & cons

  • No monthly fee, you only pay for what you use.
  • 50 percent reduction in charge back after six months of integration.
  • Available on Mobile App both Android, iOS and iPhone.
  • Service not available in West Africa.
Adedayo Adeniji
February 13, 2021
Good review with perfect insights to what due is known for , I gained knowledge reading your review and I will still check back for update on this. Well done and do well to update soon.
Adedayo Adeniji
February 13, 2021