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Review on Threshold by Josiah Ayuba

The Threshold Game that helps start-ups handle their way to success fits a majority

The problem faced by so many startups in today's contemporary world is where to actually start up from. the requirements for a startup company to be able to build a reputation in today's bustling business society how much with little to no way of accessing them. Now this is where venture capitalist programs like Threshold comes in.

Threshold solves two problems in the process of helping a startup, this two problems are majorly focused on finances and advice. In my findings, I can see so many popular companies that Threshold have helped attain to where they are today and are still in the business of connecting with them in order to provide extra support.

One very unlikely scenario we get to see about Threshold is its no border limits on startups it wants to help establish in a way that their presence has been felt not just in Europe where they are resided but also in America and down here in Africa. These startups I am referring to are not just queer but popular both in successful launching and continuous good delivery

With everything that is being done for this start-ups by Threshold, they keep on supporting them in ways that they can even after their successful launch. With the way I see it, many startups will be glad they used Threshold as their Launchpad.

Pros & cons

  • There is a lot of success stories coming from the companies Threshold has helped in the process of getting established
  • There is a wide connection bridge between Threshold with their released startups even after their successful launching to help bolster more productivity through regular advices and funding
  • Many popular companies can be seen to have registered with Threshold as their Launchpad
  • There is no border limit to Startups from all over the world
  • There is nothing negative to point out about this Venture Capitalists Program
Emmanuel Sunday
February 02, 2021
I hope they are here to stay. I can't find any testimony from Africa though. But I really admire the company and look forward in contacting them soon. But I am not sure if they are all over the world, seems they are in only the united states