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Review on Renewed SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset with USB-C and Clearcast Microphone Compatible with Multiple Devices in Black by Damien Sg ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

I didn’t unsubscribe about the sound quality, because I don’t think that I understand at least a little about the issue. I like the sound - loud, clear, there are basses. In general, so far for almost a month of use, I actually have not a single complaint. Feels like they rolled over my past ears and feel just perfect. So far, I can’t even imagine when and why I would change them in the future. Only if they break, I guess)

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  • The previous headset was the Logitech G430 and I didn’t like a lot of things in it. These headphones have corrected literally all the shortcomings. So here are the pros in my opinion: - They are wireless, in fact) Now there are a lot of wires on the table, you can calmly go to pour some tea while playing, watching video music or talking with friends. At first, I also had a reflex action with my hands - to drop the headphones in order to run to the kitchen between rounds of the game. Now you can safely move away and hear what is happening and talk with teammates. Bliss) - Control on the headset itself, not on the wire (does not dangle, no need to look, cannot fall into the water) - Excellent appearance. They do not look like a teenager's dream - everything is neat, stylish and minimalistic - You can turn off the microphone and walk with them on the street, as with ordinary headphones - They are wireless not by bluetooth, but by radio - there are no delays and sound lags, if it is important for games - Connects to PS4 easily - you just need to insert the radio receiver into the console (problems with bluetooth) - Very nice microphone - The USB-C radio receiver, not a regular USB, can be easily plugged into a smartphone. If you have a smartphone with USB-C, of ​​course - otherwise, cross out this item and send it to the minuses - All the necessary cords and adapters are included (there are already 3 of them) - Price
  • - In my opinion, the indication of the remaining battery is not very clear - I constantly forget that I need to charge, and the headset does not really try to remind me. Here - in the application there is no indication of the charging process. That is, there are displays of how much is left, but there is no animation or some kind of symbol indicating that charging is in progress. Accordingly, there is no information that the battery is fully charged. Yes, you can accept that it is charged as soon as all the sticks appear, but from the experience of using different equipment from different companies, this is not yet an indicator. It would be better to light up "green", conditionally. - It is very strange that the radio receiver is on progressive USB-C, and the charging port on the headphones themselves is a regular USB. This is not a disaster, but why produce extra entities, let's say so?) It would be more elegant. +/- Well, about the radio receiver - here for someone like it. It is wide and will block the entrances for a laptop. If the phone does not have USB-C, it will look terrible through the adapter. But for my personal experience - everything is perfect. I'm just pointing out that it might be inconvenient for some.

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