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netac n600s 512gb sata nt01n600s-512g-s3x ssd logo

if you want to know how to reflash ssd controllers, read a bunch of forums and in the end nothing will work to restore the welcome buy. The name speaks for itselfSee full review

folding knife cold steel voyager large clip point plain edge (29ac) black logo

Its pros: Shape and size are perfect. Great in the hand. Grip and very comfortable handle. An excellent knife for the woods and the countryside. I was pleased with the factory sharpening. Sharp initially. Has some cons: Tight clip. Together with a corrugated handle, they tear a pocket. But, I consider this a minor drawback. I think that such a knife is even more convenient to carry in a case.See full review

angle grinder dewalt dwe8110s, 720 w, 125 mm logo

Workhorse. Pit and piss. I don't know the problem) Pros: DWE8110S 217B3 Decent USM. Convenient tightening nut - you can use a key, you can use a hexagon. No vibration. Has some cons: The case is a bit thick (maybe my hands are small). Nothing more to complain about))See full review

rechargeable battery blue dynamic [12v 72ah 680a b13] varta art. 572 409 068 logo

Used the same Battery for many years, everything suited. Decided to buy again. They brought it with a small chip, I hope it was not dropped and will not affect the work in any way.See full review

case fan be quiet! shadow wings 2 140mm pwm, black logo

An excellent fan for lovers of silence. Rubberized fasteners. Easy installation. What you need for lovers of aesthetics.See full review

xiaomi 70mai jump starter midrive ps01 logo

The battery ran out overnight. When connected, the green light blinked as a sign of too low voltage. In boost mode, the car came to life, but could not start. Started up only by lighting from another car with a pre-charge for about 5 minutes. This device apparently helps only with a small discharge. With a deep discharge is useless.See full review

backpack xiaomi ninetygo multitasker black logo

I was afraid that it would be bulky, but it is very neat, not bulky and at the same time roomy. The material of the backpack is pleasant, non-staining, the back is soft, the back does not sweat, the straps do not cut. The backpack does not lose its shape.See full review

electric scooter hiper slim vx561, up to 100 kg, black logo

Cast wheels - feel the bumps in the road) Short rear wing - all the dirt flies on the back. Solved the problem by printing a continuation of the rear wing. Big weight - small power reserve. You can increase if you drive not at maximum speed. Ideal for people weighing less than 60 kg and if you need to travel home-work-home. I bought for 7400, for such a price it is perfect)See full review

aerator xiaomi diiib dual function faucet bubbler dxsz001-1 logo

Didn't fit the Blanco faucet. The diameter of the faucet is smaller than what is included in the kit . I'll try to pick up an adapter on the side . See photo.See full review

car battery varta blue dynamic d24 (560 408 054) 242х175х190 logo

The previous "Warta" served for 9 years, I also decided to take Warta. The price on the site was significantly different from ordinary stores, I decided to place an order in December. I examined it upon delivery, according to the code October 2022 came out. It works great, at - 20 there were no problems, let's see how it goesSee full review

computer chair gamelab penta gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: red logo

I am absolutely satisfied with the purchase, for such a price I was afraid that a marriage would come, but everything is fine, everything is new, everything works. I bought on sale on January 30th, delivery 1 day, which is a huge plus for the seller! In general, I’m satisfied with the chair so far, when embling, it’s better to stock up on a ratchet and a head for 12, it greatly simplifies embly) The reviews that appeared on the 30th were mostly offended people who overslept the entire sale) EvenSee full review

tire michelin primacy 3 215/55 r18 99v logo

I would say that in combination with a moderate rim size (R18), run flat, sports running, but at the same time, soft rubber, it turned out to be just the perfect mix. Not soft and not hard, not noisy, but not quiet, not harsh, but not gross. Overall: So far, the feeling of any tire that I have ever had is incomparable. In short, cool sensations, really very similar to the five E60. . An interesting observation: the higher the speed, the better the rubber is controlled!) Directional stabilitSee full review

forergo seat cushion form u pil011, 35 x 45 cm, height 7 cm logo

For a long time I was looking for a pillow so that my tailbone would not hurt when sitting at the computer for a long time. Finally I found her! Super comfy pillow! From the back there is a special notch, and the load on the back of the buttocks does not go. Everything is thought out. I will definitely order one for work. Separately, I will add that I have a lot of weight, and the pillow does not crumple - it restores its shape. Highly recommend.See full review

tablet asus nexus 7 (2013) logo

In spite of occasional screen issues, I think this tablet is well worth the price and represents excellent value for the money. Having read the reviews, I was first concerned that the one I would receive would be faulty; fortunately, I did not, though it is important to inspect the screen well before making a purchase.See full review

💾 transcend storejet 1tb portable usb 3.0 hard disk (ts1tsj25h3p) - fast and reliable external storage solution logo

I put up with him for about a year, and I got lucky about 1 out of 10 times. For whatever reason, the first few months were fine. It turned out that he merely lacked sufficient power from a single USB input. A Y-shaped USB cable, which has two USB ports on one end for the computer and a Mini USB port on the other, was used to remedy the issue. Whoever has the same issue should just swap out their cable and everything will function properly.See full review

enhance your visual experience with logitech c260 webcam logo

You won't regret it if you take it! As previously indicated, disable the RightLight option to get rid of blurring during quick movements in the frame. It can be used as a straightforward camera to keep an eye on what's going on in the room because it has a motion recording feature and an LED off option. I paid 800 for it, compared to 1300 in another store five minutes away. Avoid overpaying!See full review

🎧 beyerdynamic dt 990 premium open-back over-ear hi-fi stereo headphones: uncompromised sound quality for audiophiles logo

Has pros: Excellent sound. They are quite plush and comfortable, and you could easily sit in them all day. With these drawbacks: The non-removable wire is, in my opinion, the assembly's (or rather the design's) most significant flaw.See full review

📱 black xiaomi redmi note 5 global smartphone - 6/128 gb logo

This is a phone that actually belongs to a person. This phone offers everything you need, including an exceptionally low price, therefore I don't see any reason to buy another phone. In general, I don't see any reason to buy other phones. live long xiaomi beauties!))) Has pros: Design, ideal screen size (it's convenient to watch videos and doesn't get in the way of the size), 2-3 days without charging, I'm surprised by the fast operation of the shell, a very loud speaker, and I always listen to See full review

📀 sony x700 - 2k/4k uhd - 2d/3d - wi-fi - sa-cd - multi system region free blu ray disc dvd player - pal/ntsc - usb - 100-240v 50/60hz with 6 feet multi-system compatibility logo

Because you can't come close to the performance of pioneer and oppo players for the price, I decided to make 4K Blu-ray movies with HDR and Atmos my primary player and paired them with a Marantz 6013/11.2 receiver. With its positives being: If you are interested in the original photos of Blu-ray 4K movies, this product is ideal for the price. I did a decent job loading the prefix; it read big photos without any problems and displayed even the most active scenes without any hiccups. There was no See full review

sony wf-1000xm3 black truly wireless earbuds with mic, up to 32 hours battery life, stable bluetooth connection, wearing detection and alexa built-in for noise cancelling logo

Both immediately after the purchase and after using it for a year, I was dissatisfied. When your phone is in your pocket, it's a hassle to have a communication breakdown when you're walking down the street. Why do we require headphones with noise cancellation of this style for use in public transportation, such as the subway, trains, and airplanes? Particularly the very first one. The noise canceling feature works flawlessly, and it has been demonstrated to be effective in all modes of transportSee full review

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