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Review on Tire Michelin Primacy 3 215/55 R18 99V by Micha Grt ᠌

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I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

I would say that in combination with a moderate rim size (R18), run flat, sports running, but at the same time, soft rubber, it turned out to be just the perfect mix. Not soft and not hard, not noisy, but not quiet, not harsh, but not gross. Overall: So far, the feeling of any tire that I have ever had is incomparable. In short, cool sensations, really very similar to the five E60. . An interesting observation: the higher the speed, the better the rubber is controlled!) Directional stability in a straight line is amazing, it just seems to stick to the asphalt. Turning radii, yes, have increased somewhat (softness affects), but she does not try to jump off him, but keeps straight in him, hard and weighty. Braking is a complete fly away, again, softness affects. In general, I was shocked at how she goes in a straight line. Very cool. Perhaps even better than the E60 in some ways. Perhaps I just got used to the fact that it turns out that the car can drive in a straight line, and not as it pleases, and does not try to jump off every bump)) And it also seems to me that sports tires a la Potenza, P Zero and others like them are really not for our roads. For these types of tires, IMHO, you need absolutely perfect asphalt, otherwise it’s easy to get on them on any more or less bumps. You will just be stressed all the time. In general, I would say so. This rubber is not that soft, it is rather very elastic. And on the steering wheel there is precisely a clear understanding of what is happening under the wheels. Elastic and "heavy" feedback. You just understand what's going on. (On Potenza, sometimes the soul in the heels went away from the rut and throwing along the road). Accordingly, there are no permanent nerves. I'm out of the habit of this feeling of calmness in the car, and these tires give it. I purchased Italian-made RunFlat tires with an index of 100Y (not W) in BMW homologation (*).

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  • I rarely write reviews. I hope my review helps those who have doubts. I have a BMW X3 F25 with a sport hod. What can I say! 👏👏👏 So far, according to the initial sensations, I can say that this is generally the best rubber of all that I have had in my entire life. And I had a lot)) It is also important to note that I always buy only RunFlat tires. Pros: - super-softness, no stool. Someone wrote above about the feeling of business class. Yes, I agree, all the joints / irregularities go very smoothly in a businesslike way. - the track is ABSENT! God, what happiness. Because the previous Bridgestone Potenza just pulled out the steering wheel and you could get out on any bumps. More precisely, not so. A strong rut is felt, but you UNDERSTAND what is happening, and everything goes easily and smoothly and without any tension. - silence! (But there is such a strange pleasant roar, I have never heard such a thing). I would say very similar to a smaller diameter non-runflat tire. - in general, according to the sensations, the car seemed to be heavier, stuck to the road. It feels very much like the once beloved BMW E60 to me, this is the same “stately” and weighty feeling.
  • - is not yet clear. Well, ok, maybe the sharpness of the control has decreased a little. But to be honest, I'm tired of her, especially from throwing on ruts. Now you can relax.

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July 17, 2023
Some pros: Very soft and quiet, excellent road holding on dry pavement, reasonable price. Well balanced. Its cons: Hydroplaning, even in shallow puddles, even at speeds up to 80 km/h. A car without ESP, maybe that's the case too. But nonetheless.

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