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Review on AOC E1659Fwu 1366X768 Brightness 3 0 Powered USB Hub, Portable, Wall Mountable, Ultrawide Screen, ‎E1659FWU, LED by David Becerra

Economical and functional.

I think a lot of reviewers are confusing "portable monitor" with "tablet". Yes, modern portable monitors are more resistant to damage. But many of the reviews are about a device that you can throw in a car and put a shopping bag on top of it. This is one of AOC's first attempts at a portable monitor. If you keep that in mind and treat it LIKE YOUR DESKTOP monitor, you'll be fine. Don't pack it in an overstuffed backpack. If you're putting it in a car, place it on the floor away from other items and not on the seat next to things that could damage it. It comes with a soft case, but there is no plastic bumper plate in the lid. The monitor is larger than I expected, so it doesn't fit in a laptop bag at all. The soft cover is a nice accessory that comes with the device. It is NOT thin by today's standards, its display is the average thickness of a desktop monitor. It comes with a built-in kickstand, so you don't have to worry about magnetic flaps holding the display in place. The stand has a single bump, after which it is enough to position the display at an angle of 15-30 degrees. If you go under discharge then it collapses fairly easily so I wouldn't push it. In fact, it's best to use this on a table, as any three-point stand won't work on uneven surfaces. It's not something you'll use on a bus ride. Not to mention the train ride. I received a new monitor in the box so I didn't have to worry about making a mistake with the model. The resolution is true to size and I was impressed with its clarity. Surface is a high-resolution display, so I reduced the app/font size to 100% on that display to get usable output (Surface still runs at 150-200%, regardless of monitor, so panning the window gives some Resistance arises (it's not a big deal, but it may disable others who expect the same resolution on both - this won't happen on an older display). The USB connector was not left loose from the factory. The cable that comes with it is a wedge cable (1 USB-A to 2 USB-A), which I really don't like, but AOC's manual says you don't have to use both. The second port on the wedge is intended to provide more performance for older laptops using the early USB 3.0 standard before the release of Superspeed and 3.1. For my Surface, I've used it with the charger on (works great) and off (drains the battery a bit faster), but I'll probably still use it near an outlet when I need it. But the advice of other users is spot on: Windows 10 means auto-rotate no longer works (Windows has "Portrait/Landscape" settings in the Settings window, it's not a big deal). DisplayLink drivers are best for a Windows 10 system, so install them first (which is actually a good idea for any USB display adapter) and find a DDC program to adjust the brightness and contrast to your liking desire to change. (There are no buttons on the monitor, not even power. Unplug it to turn it off.)

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